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    Time Crisis 3

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Oct 21, 2003

    Time is running out once again in Time Crisis 3 as the VSSE must neutralise the terrorist threat in this on-rails lightgun game.

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    Time Crisis 3 for the arcade and Playstation 2 is a on-rails light gun based arcade game. It is the first out of the series to offer a weapons system that allows for the player to switch weapons within a firefight, and also for the first time of the home versions of Time Crisis, an additional story mode, following the character of Alicia Winston and offers her perspective of the story of Time Crisis 3. The game can be played with either a standard controller or the light guns G-Con or G-Con2, and offers two player co-operative mode on Arcade Mode, either on the same console via split-screen or two different consoles using a system link cable.

    The story pits you as either VSSE Agent Alan Dunaway or VSSE Wesley Lambert (it's up to you!) as they are tasked to investigate and destroy a nuclear weapon threat from an organisation called the Zagorias Federation, who have invaded and taken over the small fictional Mediterranean country, Lukano. There, they meet unlikely allies, and dangerous villians.


    Whilst retaining the same duck mechanic point and shoot systems that Time Crisis is known for, for the first time in a Time Crisis series players are free to select which weapon they want to use to tackle different scenarios within the game. They are -

    Different weapons can be swapped during a fire-fight for the first time.
    Different weapons can be swapped during a fire-fight for the first time.
    • Handgun - Standard handgun which is used in past Time Crisis games.
    • Machine Gun - Allows for full burst shooting.
    • Shotgun - Wider range on shots and capable of inflicting damage to multiple enemies with one shot.
    • Grenade - More like a grenade launcher, this inflicts massive damage on those it hits on impact and enemies caught in the blast radius.

    New enemy types have also come into play within Time Crisis 3 to accommodate the new weapons. Apart from standard blue uniformed soldiers and sharpshooting red uniformed soldiers that are present in Time Crisis games there are also -

    • Ninjas - Wearing light armour and claws in both hands, these enemies will ambush the player and attack accordingly.
    • Armoured Machine Gunners - Wearing heavy armour, they will require more shots to be taken down and will fire a machine gun at the player. They are quite accurate with shots. These enemies are similar to that of enemies seen in spin-off game Crisis Zone, where enemies too wore heavy armor and required multiple shots to be taken down.

    The player for the first time, will be required to shoot a higher variety of vehicles then any other Time Crisis game. The popular videogame enemy that is the aircraft makes an appearance, as well as other vehicles such as jeeps.

    Differences between the Arcade version and the PlayStation version

    The Playstation 2 version offers enhanced graphics compared to the Arcade version, and offers two modes unique to the console version as well as the standard Arcade mode.

    • Crisis Missions - A challenge mode which pits the player in various missions, each usually with a different condition. For example, the player may be required to defeat a certain amount of enemies using x amount of ammo, or not to shoot civilians etc.
    • Rescue Mission Mode - Rescue Missions follow the storyline of Alicia Winston and her perspective of the Astigos invasion. As well as giving more background to the story of Time Crisis 3, the mode also features a weapon level-up system, where the more the player used a weapon, the more experience the player would gain with that weapon, which would eventually level-up the weapon and yield benefits for the player. For example, the shotgun holds more ammo and have a bigger blast radius as the player levels up the shotgun. The mode also for the first time in a Time Crisis game has 'sniper' portions.

    Both of these modes are harder in difficulty then that of the standard Arcade mode, but difficulty can be adjusted. The modes can only be played single-player, unlike the Arcade mode as well.

    The character of Randy Garrett has changed slightly between the two versions, with the Arcade version of the game portraying him wearing purple armor, whilst in the console version Randy Garrett wears red armor.


    Warning: This section contains major plot spoilers.

    Set in the fictional Mediterranean country of Lukano, a small peaceful island of Astigos is suddenly invaded by the Zagorias Federation, one of the mediterranean coastal nations. They quickly occupy nearly 80% of Astigos Island and crush opposition quickly, ignoring protests to stop by other countries.

    An insurgent army by the name of Lukano Liberation Army however quickly find out the reasoning behind the invasion, and find that the Zagorias Federation has deployed missiles within Lukano Island, which pose as a serious threat not only to Lukano, but surrounding nations as well.

    However, the rebel army are caught by the Zagorias Federation and rebel leaders Daniel Winston and Jake Hernandez are held captive. Alicia Winston, sister of Daniel, is worried about her brother and decides to launch a undercover attack to find out what happened to her brother, and what the Zagorias Federation are up to.

    The Zagorias Federation, the invading force.
    The Zagorias Federation, the invading force.

    After infiltrating a base within the beach of Astigos, she finds out that the suspicions of the Liberation Army were true regarding the missiles, and tips off VSSE (an agency devoted to defeat terrorists). In response to the report, VSSE dispatches two agents, Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert to investigate and dispatch the missiles. Alicia agrees to meet up with them at the beach.

    Agents Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert storm the beach the next morning, fighting against heavy resistance by the Zagorias Federation on the beach. They discover a wrecked ship, and are forced to fight in it as enemy soldiers surround the ship. The ship's condition slowly worsens and the topmast falls, causing the ship to tip over with the agents still inside the ship. Trying to escape with still soldiers fighting against them, they find a hole within the ship in which to escape. However, a helicopter suddenly appears, and the pilot within the plane (by the name of Victor Zahn) exclaims "You're finished!". About to press a big red button to release missiles from the plane, Alicia Winston suddenly appears with a military jeep and beckons the agents to jump. The agents have no clue to who this lady is and are reluctant to jump on the jeep but as Victor presses the button, the agents jump and fall onto the backseats of the jeep, ready to shoot at Victor in his plane.

    After Victor is defeated, he dies while still firing his mini-gun, shooting the plane in the process, in which it explodes. Alicia introduces herself to the agents, as they make their way to the main city to catch a train to the Zagorias Federation base where her brother, and the missiles are being held. However once again, resistance has caught up to them as Alan and Wesley are split apart from Alicia. Both groups agree to meet at the train station at a specific time.

    During this time, Alicia finds the second leader of the Lukano Liberation Army, Jake Hernandez. She is relived to find him safe, and asks where her brother is. However Jake pulls a gun on her, revealing his true nature to her, that he is in fact, a traitor. He reveals that he double-crossed Alicia's brother, Daniel, for money by the Zagorias Federation and will get a bonus payment for capturing Alicia. She skilfully evades Jake, and chases him down but eventually loses him.


    During this time, Alicia finds the second leader of the Lukano Liberation Army, Jake Hernandez. She is relived to find him safe, and asks where her brother is. However Jake pulls a gun on her, revealing his true nature to her, that he is in fact, a traitor. He reveals that he double-crossed Alicia's brother, Daniel, for money by the Zagorias Federation and will get a bonus payment for capturing Alicia. She skilfully evades Jake, and chases him down but he escapes.

    Alan and Wesley make their way to the train station and run on the train as it is about to leave. Not seeing Alicia, the train starts to leave, but however, Alicia runs out from a corner and jumps on the last carriage. Fighting resistance on the train, a man by the name of Randy Garrett appears, blowing up the tracks of the train on a bridge, making the train slowly fall into a pit below the train tracks. The agents defeat him however, and he falls into the pit. Alan and Wesley are reunited with Alicia and decide to make the rest of the journey on-foot.

    After even more fights with the Zagorias Federation, they finally meet the base. They decide to observe first, and Alicia sees her brother, Daniel, being beaten by the leader of the Zagorias Federation, Giorgio Zott. The agents chase after Giorgio while Alicia tends to her brother.

    Daniel tells Alicia about Jake, and informs her that he is on the base and is about to escape. Wanting back the dignity of her army and revenge, Alicia decides to chase down Jake as Daniel retreats to find his soldiers. Alicia finally catches up to Jake as he is escaping via plane. As the plane is about to fly away, Alicia manages to shoot Jake in the plane through the use of a sniper rifle.

    Wild Dog and.... Wild Fang?!
    Wild Dog and.... Wild Fang?!

    While this is happening, the agents encounter Wild Dog and Wild Fang, who attack them. After a heated battle where it is found that Wild Fang can kick any object including fork-lifts, they are defeated and Wild Dog once again, like past Time Crisis games, blows himself up in grandeur fashion by a detonator. They catch up to Giorgio Zott inside the missile silo, who tells the agents that he has engaged the missiles to blow up Lukano. After a long firefight, they defeat Giorgio Zott but it is found that he has activated the missiles. As a last minute solution, the agents grab the rocket launchers that Giorgio Zott was using against them and use them to shoot down the launching missiles. As a result, the building collapses around the agents.

    Standing outside, Alicia and her brother Daniel and soldiers of the Lukano Liberation Army watch as the building collapses. Alicia looks down at the floor, believing that the agents have not made it. However, as she looks up again, Alan and Wesley walk like bad-asses out of smoke and fire to the group. Alicia face is absorbed with glee, as she runs and hugs the agents.

    The game ends with the two agents on a boat leaving with the sun setting on the island of Astigos.


    Alan Dunaway

    A young, promising agent who has been with the VSSE for four years. He is highly cheerful and laid-back, and never gives up no matter how serious the situation he is in. He is one of the two playable characters on Arcade Mode, and is controlled by Player 1.

    Wesley Lambert

    Also a fourth year serving operative as Alan, he is a quiet character but carries out actions with a sense of cool calmness. Outside of shooting dudes, he has a love for animals and holds a doctorate in Engineering. He is one of the two playable characters on Arcade Mode, and is controlled by Player 2.

    Alicia Winston

    The younger sister of Daniel Winston and member of the Lukano Liberation Army, she joined the Lukano Liberation Army two years prior to the events of Time Crisis 3 as a medic and to prove that women also belonged in an army. She quickly impressed many peers regarding her sniper rifle skills, and is the best sniper in her unit. She is the main protagonist in the console exclusive game mode 'Rescue Mission Mode'.

    From left to right, protagonists Wesley Lambert, Alan Dunaway and Alicia Winston.
    From left to right, protagonists Wesley Lambert, Alan Dunaway and Alicia Winston.

    Daniel Winston

    Older brother of Alicia Winston, he is the leader of the Lukano Liberation Army. He is actively in the front lines fighting for freedom against the Zagorias Federation.

    Giorgio Zott

    The main anatagonist in the game, he is the Commander of Chief of the invading Zagorias Federation. Being a well-trained anatagonist, he holds a gun in one hand and a sword in another.

    Wild Dog

    Appearing in all the main Time Crisis series, he has now returned from hell and rebuilt his body to beat the VSSE and to get his revenge, after being beaten by VSSE agents in the past. He is now armed with a gun arm that now shoots missiles.

    Wild Fang

    Seemingly related to Wild Dog, not much is known about Wild Fang apart from that he is good in martial arts. He is capable of kicking steel boxes and forklifts at full speed at people that stand against him.

    Jake Hernandez

    Second in command of the Lukano Liberation Army and is captured along with Daniel Winston. He plays a main role in the Rescue Mission Mode.

    Victor Zahn

    A gunship pilot who is part of the Zagorias Federation. As well as piloting, he has the ability to fire mini-guns at people on a moving plane and can throw multiple grenades at the same time.

    Randy Garrett

    Part of the Zagorias Federation, he plays a role in the 'ninja' unit and is armed with a claw and hand-held missiles. He wears purple armor in the Arcade version of the game and wears red armor in the console versions.


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