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    Time Gentlemen, Please!

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 22, 2009

    Time Gentlemen, Please! is the 2009 sequel to Ben There, Dan That! by independent developer Zombie Cow Studios that follows the continuing point-and-click adventures of Ben and Dan as they try to repair a universe torn asunder by time paradoxes.

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    The game is once again a loving pastiche of the developers' love for old LucasArts games, and the puzzles follow the same concepts of many of those in previous games. This time, however, objects can be adapted in 'time', by placing them in a time-travelling device. For example, if the player puts some metal in the machine and went 'forward', the metal would come out rusted. If it went 'backwards' the player might break that metal down into its base elements.

    Once again, the game features foul mouthed humor, and plays upon both the knowingness of the player and the characters' affinity for point and click adventures, and also on the ineptness of the sidekick (much like Max of Sam and Max.)

    The game is a direct sequel to 'Ben There, Dan That!' and follows up on the consequences of the first game. Having become supreme rulers of the earth, the pair have inadvertently (and inexplicably) allowed Hitler to rule with an army of gun-weilding dinosaurs. The pair must solve problems in order to stop Hitler.


    Gameplay in the game is familiar to those who have dabbled in PC point and click adventures before, and feature a range of logical puzzles - an early example involves the changing of all the clocks in a house to read at the same time. However, there are also lots of plays on traditional point and click concepts, including a section set in a text based adventure.


    The game begins as Ben and Dan, having spent two weeks watching the whole of Magnum, P.I, realizing that the world has died of hunger - as they forgot to tell humanity to eat (humanity was enslaved by them in the previous game). In order to save the world, they decide to use their time-traveling skills in order to avert this disaster. Somehow, however, they end up creating an alternate dimension where Hitler rules with metallic enhanced dinosaurs. The pair eventually end up reaching Hitler's tower, and by creating a model of themselves, they manage to distract (a now flying) Hitler, and kill him, thus able to return to their normal lives.


    Time Gentlemen, Please! can be purchased directly from the Size Five Games website or in a bundle with its predecessor on Steam.

    PC Requirements

    • OS: Windows
    • Processor: Pretty much anything post-millennial, anything that runs DirectX 9.0c for particle effects.
    • Memory: Anything over 256MB should do, anything that runs DirectX 9.0c for particle effects.
    • Graphics:Any DirectDraw compatible. PixelShader 1.4/ DirectX 9.0c capable card required for particle effects.
    • DirectX®: 9.0c required for particle effects
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB
    • Sound: Any Windows-compatible soundcard

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