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The Time Goddess is obsessed with money, but also has a vested interest in helping Hero, Evil Lord, Princess, Knight, and Sage across the eras from preventing the end of the world.  The Goddess makes a pact with Hero, a lone traveler, to save his life and help him conquer foes, starting the decades-long saga. 

 More Money? Less Problems.
 More Money? Less Problems.
In Hero 30, praying to a Time Goddess statue will reset the timer to 30 seconds, though repeated visits to the statue to reset the clock always costs more coins. In Evil Lord 30, the Time Goddess is paid by touching Gold Barrels scattered through the levels. In Princess 30, running on the red carpet turns back the clock as long as you are on it (for a fee, of course).       
By the time Goddess Era 500 rolls around, the backdrop for Knight 30, the Goddess is gone. 

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