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    Time Pilot

    Game » consists of 18 releases. Released November 1982

    Travel through time and shoot biplanes, fighter jets and alien spacecraft in this 1982 shoot 'em up from Konami.

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    Time Pilot as a 1982 space combat shoot 'em up arcade game from Konami. It was the first game designed by Yoshiki Okamoto. Okamoto was instructed by Konami to design a driving game, where players would try to earn a driver's license while avoiding hazards and other cars. Okamoto, inspired by Namco's Bosconian, ventured to create a space combat game, while also writing code for a driving game to disguise the secret project. Okamoto's superiors were incensed after discovering the truth, but testing revealed that players flocked to Time Pilot. Okamoto would go on to create Gyruss before leaving Konami to join Capcom.


    The goal of the game is to fly around and shoot ships while trying to avoid crashing into them or getting hit by their bullets, bombs, or homing missiles. Additionally, the player can rescue fellow pilots who are parachuting throughout the level to gain additional points. After the player has shot down 56 normal ships the time period's boss ship will appear. Once the player defeats the boss ship, they move on to the next time period, or if the player completed 2001 they loop back to 1910 and the game starts over again with no ending. The time period enemies and bosses are as follows:

    Time PeriodEnemy ShipsBoss Ship
    1910WWI Biplanes Blimp
    1940WWII MonoplanesB-25
    1970 HelicoptersCH-47
    2001 UFOs Mothership

    Time Pilot on Xbox 360

    Time Pilot was released on Xbox Live Arcade on August 30th, 2006 at a cost of 400 Microsoft points. It was also released for the Xbox 360 Game Room in 2010 at a cost of 240 Microsoft points.


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