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Start Screen of Time Soldiers
Start Screen of Time Soldiers

Gylend, the terrifying conqueror of galactic space, turned his attention towards earth. In an attempt to thwart his plans to conquer the planet, Yohan, Ben and five of the Earth Command Troopers tried to infiltrate Gylends stronghold and discover the source of his power, so that he could be defeated.

Unfortunately they were discovered before they could successfully fullfil their mission. Gylend then turned five of the troopers into red gleaming energy balls and threw them into the endless void of time.

Only Yohan and Ben were spared by the evil overlord, who told them that they would be given a chance to rescue their comrades. Should they be able to locate them in the different time zones and rescue them, they would also be given the opportunity to fight Gylend for the ownership of Earth!



Time Soldiers can be played in single player or in two player mode. The player starts the game with three lives. Anytime they are hit by a enemy or one of the projectiles they lose a life. After they have lost all three lives they can gain up to two continues by pressing the primary fire two times before the game over screen appears. It is a little odd why there are no normal continues in the game because this "secret" can be found in the manual, but this is probably how Time Soldiers rolls. The player can continue the game exactly where they died, but they lose all of the equipment they had. An advantage of the 2 player mode is that the player who died will automatically revive as long as the other one is still alive.


To rescue all of the five missing troopers the player must pass through five different time zones. Four of them are set in the past and one of them is in the future. Interestingly, the player does not begin the game in the same era every time they play. It is always one of the earlier zones, though. And, as might be expected, they will never start the game in Gylend's stage...

Each of the time zones is divided into three stages. At the end of each stage the player has to battle a Mid Boss.

After he is defeated a portal opens which will bring the player to a different time zone. When reaching the stage where their comrade is located, they also have to fight the so-called Big Boss. Defeat him and one of the comrades will be saved.

The time zones and the corresponding enemies are:

Brokeratops and Bitekan from the Primitive Era.
Brokeratops and Bitekan from the Primitive Era.
  • Primitive Era:
  1. Brokeratops
  2. Cryptogram
  3. Purtasaur
  4. Bitekan
  5. Aruma (Middle Boss)
  6. Ankirosaurus (Middle Boss)
  7. Big Brokera (Middle Boss)
  8. Tyrasaurus (Big Boss)
  • Ancient Rome:
  1. Bow Man
  2. Pharantas
  3. Roman Swordsman
  4. Roman Ghost
  5. Medusa (Middle Boss)
  6. Anubis (Middle Boss)
  7. Tri-Neck Dragon (Middle Boss)
  8. Minotaur (Big Boss)
  • Medieval Japan:
  1. Fire Throwing Soldier
  2. Kappa (River Monster)
  3. Ninja
  4. Piper Monk
  5. Samurai (Middle Boss)
  6. Tengu (Middle Boss)
  7. Dark Monk (Middle Boss)
  8. Kabuki (Big Boss)
The Large Tank from World War 2.
The Large Tank from World War 2.
  • World War 2
  1. Wild Geese
  2. Private
  3. MIL-29 (Middle Boss)
  4. Ratto Willis (Middle Boss)
  5. T-87 (Middle Boss)
  6. Hainder (Middle Boss)
  7. Large Tank (Big Boss)
  • Future World
  1. Disco Fighter
  2. Spark Shooter
  3. A-Line
  4. Manrasu (Middle Boss)
  5. Nike (MIddle Boss)
  6. Gorugo (Big Boss)
Gylend the Conqueror.
Gylend the Conqueror.
  • Gylend's World
  1. Rideru
  2. Gerondo-D
  3. Gylend (The Conqueror)


Some of the normal enemies the player defeats will also leave extras behind which can be picked up. There are three extras which will provide a secondary fire for weapons and three which will give the player special abilities. The power of the secondary fire increases depending on the stage they are in.

Special Weapons:

  • Tri-Shot: Shoots in three different directions.
  • Missile: Can fly over obstacles.
  • Energy Gun: High-power energy bullet.

Ability Items:

  • Speed Up: Increases the speed of the player's movement.
  • Power-Up: The weapon will fire as if fully automatic. Movement diminishes the power.
  • Warp: The player will be instantly warped to the Big Boss.

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