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The current gnome King has reached his 350th birthday and the tradition in the gnome society provides that a successor has to be chosen. The player in the role of a gnome is the prime aspirant for the throne. But before ascending the throne the contender has to accomplish some heroic deeds. He has to free many fellow gnomes that have been trapped by spirits within the trees of the gnome forest. To fulfil this task a special magical procedure has to be performed in the gnome forest. This magical procedure is described on seven pages of an ancient gnome scripture. The problem is that a evil Cyclops has scattered this seven pages across the time. The player has now to travel through the time to diverse places and collect the seven pieces of the scripture and put them togheter.


Gnome Mansion: Here the adventure starts (C64)
Gnome Mansion: Here the adventure starts (C64)

The player starts his adventure in the gnome mansion in Scandinavia. Here the first task is to activate the time machine and in this way to gain the ability to travel through the time to seven various places. To solve the puzzles in the game the player has to collect objects(the gnome can carry only one object at the same time) and put or use them in the right places and on the right objects. The gnome has also the ability to shoot. To travel to a special place in time the gnome has to visit the "time machine control room" and select the year he wants to travel to and thereafter use the time machine. The aim is to collect a piece of the scripture at each place and take all seven pieces to the Black Hole in the year 9999 where they form an inverted sign(the completed scripture). Places and times the gnome can travel to are:

Select the time you want travel to (C64)
Select the time you want travel to (C64)
9600 BCStone Age
893 BCMagical Persia
86 BCMythological Greece
1692Colonial Salem MA
1849California Gold Rush
TodayGnome Mansion (Scandinavia)
3456Intergalactic Spaceship
9999Black Hole

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