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This game achieved what it was trying to do. A solid adventure through time and space.

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Once the game boots up we start to learn about Lunais and her destiny as a Timespinner. It seems her clan has been hunted for years by a mad king that wants their time powers for himself. This day has come once again and our protagonist is the latest to go back in time to rewrite history. Yet things go wrong and now she is stuck in future on the planet of the ruler she now despises. Only by reforging the spinner and going back and forth in time will she find the future she seeks.

How can you not like a talking crow?
How can you not like a talking crow?

As a narrative this game has some cool side bits that flesh out the characters more than they seem at the start. Plus it’s all well contained and it never feels like padding at all. I was spending more time just looking for more stuff to do in between exploring the world. As you might expect the tools you’ll get are the usual variety.

What good Metroidvania wouldn’t have a double jump after all? Yet the first skill you get is the most unique of them all. The power to freeze time for a little bit. This is immediately used in a way to explore side paths since it is possible to jump on enemies while they are frozen. Yet other than that it doesn’t do anything new but I didn’t mind. Just making my way through the enemy hoards was enough for me even if the combat is also by the numbers.

Lunais has the ability to wield two weapons in the form of orbs. Each orb can have a different element like fire or even the fact it can turn into a hammer. On top of this a special skill can be used sparingly thanks to a mana bar. These do a variety of things as well like a huge sword or a orb of plasma that’ll tear through enemies. A passive buff is also available that can add extra defense and other stuff like that. I’m sure all that sounds good yet I never felt a huge urge to switch up the attacks I was doing. So after I bit I pretty much used the same stuff for almost the entire game.

Boss design is on point plus they all look awesome.
Boss design is on point plus they all look awesome.

Additionally you won’t find much of a challenge here if that is what your looking for. Most fights go down quick and bosses can be easily figured out once you see their moves. The plentiful amount of recovery items will also let you heal out of any issues along the way. Which I didn’t mind at all. A simple adventure that was easy to overcome can b just as fun as a impossible challenge. But if you do want more of a challenge it’ll be best to start on hard rather than normal.

Overall I enjoyed playing through this game. Yet it really doesn’t do anything new or interesting with the world they created. Other than the narrative that had some really awesome moments I was mostly just thinking it was a competent Metroidvania with no real pizzazz. Nothing wrong with that it’s just a solid game that 100% achieved what it was aiming to do.

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