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    TimeSplitters 2

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Oct 09, 2002

    The sequel to the PS2 launch title TimeSplitters, TimeSplitters 2 follows two futuristic soldiers on a frantic rush through time and space to retrieve the the Time Crystals from the evil TimeSplitters.

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    TimeSplitters 2 (known in Japan as TimeSplitter: Jikuu no Shinryakusha) is a sci-fi first-person shooter developed by Free Radical and published by Eidos for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube in both North America and Europe on October 2002. The PS2 version was later released in Japan on February 27, 2003.

    The sequel to the 2000 PS2 game TimeSplitters, TimeSplitters 2 features a new overarching plot and expanded multiplayer options (including LAN multiplayer).

    While the game is similar to the original in that the main action takes place throughout time and space (with both historical and futuristic settings), with the overarching plot involving an evil alien race known as the "TimeSplitters", TimeSplitters 2 features a new plot where players control of two central characters (25th century soldiers Sgt. Cortez and Cpl. Hart) as they travel to different points in time and space (through a special time portal) to retrieve stolen Time Crystals from the TimeSplitters. Similar to the sci-fi television series Quantum Leap, both soldiers assume different identities in each time period (such as Sgt. Cortez taking on the role of 1970's detective Harry Tipper during the "Atom Smasher" level).

    A limited high-definition version of the game was later included as an easter egg in the 2016 game Homefront: The Revolution for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It was later revealed that, through cheat codes, the entire game can be playable.


    TimeSplitters shares a lot of similar gameplay concepts with other First-Person Shooters, but is very frantic and multiplayer focused. Emphasis is put on the deathmatch style of gameplay, with the levels, weapons and characters being based off of the time periods shown in the single player mode.

    Single Player

    The single player mode of TimeSplitters takes players through 10 levels, all of different time periods, to recollect the crystals from the TimeSplitters. The whole mode can also be played in a split-screen co-operative mode, where player 1 takes on the role of Sgt Cortez, whilst the second plays as Corporal Hart. However, while in the past, the character will take on the appearance of someone more suited to that environment. For example, in the 1970s level "Atomsmasher" players will take on the role of Harry Tipper, a secret agent complete with a sharp suit, handlebar mustache and a penchant for free love.

    Enemies and objectives within the levels are graphically and thematically based on the level itself, as are the weapons which the player character will acquire during their mission. The only piece of equipment that remains constant across all levels is the Temporal Uplink, a device which allows the player to see the map of the current level. This is also used as the Menu system screen when the game is paused.

    The HUD in TS2 is very simplistic. There will often only be an indicator of the current weapon and ammo on screen at a time, as the health and armor indicators will only appear when damaged (these are displayed along the edges of the screen). As the radar is contained within an item in the game, and due to the lack of other indicators relating to the players status or objectives, the game screen looks very clean and uncluttered.

    TimeSplitters 2 also features a challenge mode, where a player may undertake a series of increasingly more difficult challenges. The incentive for this is that as a player receives either a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum medal, this may unlock rewards for use in the games Arcade mode. The Arcade mode is split up in to two sections, one of which is a single player challenge section, where the player is put in to preset multiplayer matches against the AI Bots, and must complete objectives withing a certain time limit. Completing the objectives will award a medal, just like the challenge mode, and along with it, rewards. The rewards are often new characters to play as, but may also include levels, multiplayer game modes, weapons and cheats.


    The other half of Arcade mode features the games multiplayer. The game allows players to customize almost everything in their game, from the game mode to the weapons used on that map. The game can be played with up to 4 players splitscreen (16 over system link on a system that supports it), but can also be customized to feature a range of AI opponents, from which the player can select difficulty, which team they will be on and the character model of that AI Bot.

    The multiplayer has a focused Deathmatch style of gameplay to it, with weapons and other pickups scattered throughout the map. Players spawn in at random locations with a starting weapon, and move throughout the level killing other players and gaining additional weapons for their arsenal as they go. Many of the maps will also feature power-ups within the level, which alters characters statistics and gives them an edge over the competition. These include Shrink, which will alter the size of the character and make them harder to hit, and Speed, which allows them to move faster than usual. The game features 16 game modes, some of which are based of standard FPS modes (Deathmatch, Capture the Bag) while some are very unique to the series (flame tag, monkey assistant).

    TimeSplitters 2 features 16 multiplayer maps, which range from locations in the main story, remakes of maps from the original TimeSplitters as well as completely unique levels designed specifically for multiplayer. All maps have fixed spawn points for players, as well as a defined hierarchy of spawn points for the weapons (so the most powerful weapon always appears in the same place). This is one of the reasons as to why the game has a deathmatch style of gameplay, and encourages tactics such as patrolling set routes through a level and camping set spawn points.


    1. 1990, Siberia - Obalask Dam (Ilsa Nadir / Gregor Lenko)
    2. 1932, Chicago - Downtown (Jake Fenton / Lady Jane)
    3. 1895, Nortre Dame Cathedral (Viola / Mr. Underwood)
    4. 2280, Return to Planet X (Hank Nova / Candi Skyler)
    5. 2019, NeoTokyo - Tek Quarter (Ghost / Chastity)
    6. 1853, Wild West - Little Prospect (Elijah Jones / Ramona Sosa)
    7. 1972, Atom Smasher - Khallos Island (Harry Tipper / Kitten Celeste)
    8. 1920, Aztec Ruins - Guatemala (Captain Ash / Jungle Queen)
    9. 2315, Robot Factory (Gretel Mk. II / R-109)
    10. 2401, Space Station (Sgt. Cortez / Cpl. Hart)


    Available Weapons Include

    Arena Modes

    • Capture the Bag - Each team attempts to capture the other team's bag, and return it to their own base!
    • Bag Tag - There is only 1 bag, hold on to it for the most time to win!
    • Elimination - Once each contender's lives are lost, it's game over!
    • Shrink - Contender's size is based on ranking.
    • Vampire - Kill others to extend life span.
    • Thief - Collect the kill rewards left behind by a dead contender!
    • Flame Tag - If tagged and set on fire, pass it on as fast as possible!
    • Virus - Once tagged, contenders stay on fire. The last one alive is the victor!
    • Leech - Health can be gained by inflicting damage on other contenders!
    • Zones - Contenders score for each zone that is under their control!
    • Assault - Capture the enemy base!
    • Gladiator - Only the Gladiator can score.
    • Monkey Assistant - The contender in last place has some little helpers!

    Arena Maps


    • Aztec
    • Hospital
    • Ice Station
    • Mexican Mission
    • Training Ground


    • Chasm
    • Chinese
    • Circus
    • Compound
    • Hangar
    • Nightclub
    • Robot Factory
    • Scrapyard
    • Site
    • Streets
    • Ufopia

    Arena Characters

    TimeSplitters 2 features 126 characters in total. Here is a list of all characters, including their in game biographies:



    • Hybrid Mutant
    • Big Tony
    • Jacque de la Morte
    • Ozor Mox
    • Sadako
    • The Colonel
    • Khallos
    • Stone Golen
    • Machinist
    • Reaper Splitter
    • Hector Baboso
    • Lean Molly
    • Dr. Peabody
    • Crypt Zombie
    • ChassisBot
    • SentryBot
    • Meezer Mox
    • Male Trooper
    • Female Trooper
    • Crispin
    • Undead Priest
    • Louie Bignose
    • Slick Tommy
    • Jimmy Needles
    • Accountant
    • Lawyer
    • Braces
    • Maiden
    • Jo-Beth Casey
    • Riot Officer
    • Barby Gimp
    • Jebediah Crump
    • Venus Starr
    • Mikey Two-Guns
    • Jared Slim
    • Ample Sally
    • Henchman
    • Cyberfairy
    • Kypriss
    • Mister Giggles
    • Marco the Snitch
    • Hatchet Sal
    • Changeling
    • The Hunchback
    • Sewer Zombie
    • Gargoyle
    • The Cropolite
    • Beetleman
    • Dark Henchman
    • High Priest
    • Wood Golem
    • Aztec Warrior
    • The Master
    • Krayola
    • Milkbaby
    • Drone Splitter
    • Baby Drone
    • Scourge Splitter
    • R One-Oh-Seven
    • Feeder Zombie
    • Stumpy
    • Lola Varuska
    • Nikki
    • Jinki
    • Ringmistress
    • Calamari
    • Snowman
    • Bear
    • Leo Krupps
    • Sergio
    • Mischief
    • The Impersonator
    • Badass Cyborg
    • Chinese Chef
    • Duckman Drake
    • Gingerbread Man
    • Insect Mutant
    • Robofish
    • Dinosaur
    • Handyman
    • Nikolai
    • Private Sand
    • Private Grass
    • Private Coal
    • Private Poorly
    • Sgt Rock
    • Sgt Shivers
    • Sgt Wood
    • Sgt Shock
    • Sgt Slate
    • Lt Frost
    • Lt Wild
    • Lt Shade
    • Lt Bush
    • Lt Chill
    • Trooper Whit
    • Trooper Brown
    • Trooper Black
    • Trooper Green
    • Trooper Grey
    • Capt Snow
    • Capt Sand
    • Capt Night
    • Capt Forest
    • Capt Pain

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