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TimeSplitters 2 is a First-Person Shooter created by Free Radical Design, a group of people who had previously worked on the N64 games GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark. TimeSplitters 2 is a follow-up to the 2000, Playstation 2 Launch Title TimeSplitters.


In the year 2401, mankind and the TimeSplitters are locked in a struggle over history as the TimeSplitters attempt to alter humanities past and change the course of history. Playing as Sergeant Cortez and backed up by Corporal Hart, you assault a space station being used by the TimeSplitters.

Once upon the space station, you arrive just in time to see the TimeSplitters take the Time Crystals, which provide the power for time travel, in to the past. It is then your job to follow and help reclaim the crystals and save humanity from being defeated by the TimeSplitters.


TimeSplitters shares a lot of similar gameplay concepts with other First-Person Shooters, but is very frantic and multiplayer focused. Emphasis is put on the deathmatch style of gameplay, with the levels, weapons and characters being based off of the time periods shown to you in the single player mode.

Single Player

The single player mode of TimeSplitters takes players through 10 levels, all of different time periods, to recollect the crystals from the TimeSplitters. The whole mode can also be played in a split-screen co-operative mode, where player 1 takes on the role of Sgt Cortez, whilst the second plays as Corporal Hart. However, while you are in the past, your character will take on the appearance of someone more suited to that environment. For example, in the 1970's level "Atomsmasher" players will take on the role of Harry Tipper, a secret agent complete with a sharp suit, handlebar mustache and a penchant for free love.

The other levels during the single player, in order, are:

Enemies and objectives within the levels are graphically and thematically based on the level itself, as are the weapons which your character will acquire during your mission. The only piece of equipment that remains constant across all levels is the Temporal Uplink, a device which allows you to see the map of the current level. This is also used as the Menu system screen for when you pause the game.

The HUD in TS2 is very simplistic. There will often only be an indicator of your current weapon and ammo on screen at a time, as the health and armor indicators will only appear when damaged (these are displayed along the edges of the screen). As the radar is contained within an item in the game, and due to the lack of other indicators relating to the players status or objectives, the game screen looks very clean and uncluttered.

TimeSplitters 2 also features a challenge mode, where a player may undertake a series of increasingly more difficult challenges. The incentive for this is that as a player receives either a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum medal, this may unlock rewards for use in the games Arcade mode. The Arcade mode is split up in to two sections, one of which is a single player challenge section, where the player is put in to preset multiplayer matches against the AI Bots, and must complete objectives withing a certain time limit. Completing the objectives will award a medal, just like the challenge mode, and along with it, rewards. The rewards are often new characters to play as, but may also include levels, multiplayer game modes, weapons and cheats.


The other half of Arcade mode features the games multiplayer. The game allows players to customize almost everything in their game, from the game mode to the weapons used on that map. The game can be played with up to 4 players splitscreen (16 over system link on a system that supports it), but can also be customized to feature a range of AI opponents, from which the player can select difficulty, which team they will be on and the character model of that AI Bot.

The multiplayer has a focused Deathmatch style of game play to it, with weapons and other pickups scattered throughout the map. Players spawn in at random locations with a starting weapon, and move throughout the level killing other players and gaining additional weapons for their arsenal as they go. Many of the maps will also feature power-up's within the level, which alter you characters statistics and give you an edge over the competition. These include Shrink, which will alter the size of your character and make you harder to hit, and Speed, which allows you to move faster than usual. The game features 16 game modes, some of which are based of standard FPS modes (Deathmatch, Capture the Bag) while some are very unique to the series (flame tag, monkey assistant).

The game modes are:

  • Deathmatch - Kill the other contenders!
  • Team Deathmatch - Kill the other team!
  • Capture the Bag - Each team attempts to capture the other team's bag, and return it to their own base!
  • Bag Tag - There is only 1 bag, hold on to it for the most time to win!
  • Elimination - Once each contender's lives are lost, it's game over!
  • Shrink - Contender's size is based on ranking.
  • Vampire - Kill others to extend your life span.
  • Thief - Collect the kill rewards left behind by a dead contender!
  • Flame Tag - If you get tagged and set on fire, pass it on as fast as possible!
  • Virus - Once tagged, contenders stay on fire. The last one alive is the victor!
  • Regeneration - Health regenerates!
  • Leech - Health can be gained by inflicting damage on other contenders!
  • Zones - Contenders score for each zone that is under their control!
  • Assault - Capture the enemy base!
  • Gladiator - Only the Gladiator can score.
  • Monkey Assistant - The contender in last place has some little helpers!

TimeSplitters 2 features 16 multiplayer maps, which range from locations in the main story, remakes of maps from the original TimeSplitters as well as completely unique levels designed specifically for multiplayer. All maps have fixed spawn points for players, as well as a defined hierarchy of spawn points for the weapons (so the most powerful weapon always appears in the same place). This is one of the reasons as to why the game has a deathmatch style of gameplay, and encourages tactics such as patrolling set routes through a level and camping set spawn points.

Available Weapons Include


TimeSplitters 2 features 126 characters in total. Here is a list of all characters, including their in game biographies:

Sgt Cortez, the main character from TimeSplitters 2 & 3.
Sgt Cortez, the main character from TimeSplitters 2 & 3.
Concept art of Harry Tipper.
Concept art of Harry Tipper.
  • Sgt Cortez - An elite squad of space marines are spearheading the counter-force against the TimeSplitters. Sergeant Cortez is a battle hardened veteran who is proficient with all weapon types and can adapt to any combat conditions.
  • Corp Hart - Not just an excellent soldier, Corporal Hart is also an expert with all kinds of mechanical and computer technology. She has found her servo- enhanced tritium Exo-Arm yo be a very useful aid in battle situations.
  • Ilsa Nadir - The daughter of Dr. Katje Nadir, Ilsa knows no fear and will gladly undertake the most dangerous search and destroy missions. Few men can come close to matching her superb fighting and infiltration skills.
  • Gregor Lenko - 'The Russian Bear' is one half of a crack military team, working for a covert international consortium. Along with Ilsa Nadir he is sent on assignments which would cause lesser men to quake with fear.
  • Jake Fenton - Jake has been battling bribery and corruption in Chicago ever since Big Tony came to town. Tony lost him his badge and had him run out of town, but now he's back, working for Lady Jane's agency, and looking to settle the score.
  • Lady Jane - This hot blooded socialite skipped Swiss finishing school to set up her own Private Investigation Agency in Chicago. A stickler for fashion you'll never catch her with anything but the latest in hot couture and semi automatic weapons.
  • Viola - The child of a reclusive aristocratic Countessa, Viola assumes the guise of a traveling troubadour as a cover for her true mission - to destroy the evil wherever it bares its ugliness.
  • Mr Underwood - Mr Underwood has debunked table-rappers and fake mystics all over England. Reports of true supernatural phenomena have brought him to Paris. He has joined forces with the lady Viola to share intelligence in the battle against Jacque de la Morte.
  • Hank Nova - Some guys just have it and Hank's one of them. He's seen things you people wouldn't believe, attack ships on fire off the shoulder of... well, whatever. A leaner, meaner, more square jawed hero never graced the space operatic stage.
  • Candi Skyler - Candy graduated from cadet training just two weeks ago. Although there's been cheap talk around the Academy that she failed Astronavigation but got a dispensation because she has a cute butt.
  • Ghost - The coolest CyberJock in the Tek Quarter, Ghost can hack an AI CORE in milliseconds. When he declined Sadako's offer to join her gang she planned a bitter revenge. Now he is framed for a crime he did not commit and the NeoTokyo police are on his trail.
  • Chastity - Before becoming a highly decorated officer in the LAPD, Chastity ran with the hangs in the backstreets of NeoTokyo. She has vowed to help Ghost clear his name and regain his honor.
  • Elijah Jones - Elijah is Peekaboo Jone's great great grandpappy. His life as a bounty hunter began at the age of sixteen, when he saw his parents gunned down in cold blood by cattle rustlers. Since that day his mission has been to confront injustice wherever he finds it.
  • Ramona Sosa - Ramona came over the border hoping for a peaceful life, but with her fiery temper and quick reflexes she quickly fell into work as a law enforcer. When thing s began turning sour in Little Prospect she sent a wire out to her old friend Elijah Jones for backup...
  • Harry Tipper - The crimebusting skills of ex-New York vice cop Harry Tipper are now employed in the fight against international supervillains. This time he's got a license to chill - Nice tux, Harry!
  • Kitten Celeste - Sometimes things get a little too hot under the collar for Harry and he needs some manual assistance from his slinky sidekick, Miss Celeste. Go get 'em tiger! Grrrrrrr!
  • Captain Ash - Adventurer extraordinaire, Capt. Ash's exploits have carried him to the four corners of the earth. He's always accompanied by the most glamorous assistants and never averse to stopping for a spot of afternoon tiffin. Just to keep the pecker up, you understand - Tally ho!
  • Jungle Queen - Raised in the jungle by wolves, the Jungle Queen's sharp intellect is only hampered by her tight thong and lack of language. Captain Ash has promised to make her a duchess if she comes back to Blighty with him.
  • Gretel Mk II - Gretel II is a second generation precision killing machine, programmed with stealth and martial arts techniques from around the galaxy. Together with R-109 she has been sent to destroy the Machinist's robot army.
  • R-109 - An upgrade of the now outdated R-108, the R-109 is a war robot, built for heavy duty combat. His reasons for destroying the Machinist are more personal than his partner Gretel II, R-109 wants revenge for all his fallen comrades killed in the Machine Wars.
  • Monkey - It's a monkey.
  • Hybrid Mutant - The TimeSplitters evil aura had a devastating effect on some of the more susceptible Siberian troopers, causing massive genetic mutation. Military scientists tried to turn them into super-soldiers, but after a series of horrific incidents the mutants were deemed uncontrollable and placed under maximum security.
  • Big Tony - After buying out the Faluccia Brothers olive oil import business, Big Tony turned his now slippery hands to more criminal activities. But liquor, loose women and the numbers racket weren't enough - lately it seems he's been taking shipments from some dodgy out of town characters.
  • Jacque de la Morte - A psychopathic murderer, Jacque de la Morte's mind has been twisted by visions of 'angels'. Now he teeters on the brink of complete insanity.
  • Ozor Mox - The Ozor hate everyone and everything, especially their close cousins the Meezor.
  • Sadako - Horrifically burnt in a tenement blaze when she was ten, Sadako's outer scars are nothing compared to the rage and hatred she harbors within. A self-taught hacker, she and her gang have stumbled across technology that could change the course of history...
  • The Colonel - After deserting from the Confederate army, the Colonel went deep into South America searching for Inca gold. He returned a changed man, evil and in possession of strange allies...
  • Khallos - It's not easy holding the world to ransom but Mr Khallos seems well qualified for the job. He's got secret bases, doomsday devices, scores of henchman and a penchant for over elaborate death scenes.He poo-poos his detractors who claim that he got his eye patch from a novelty store and that his first name is Archibald.
  • Stone Golen - The ancient powers of the Temple of T'hochek have imbued the very rocks with life. These mighty creatures possess the strength of a hundred men. No one has ever dared to ask what they keep in their little sacks.
  • Machinist - An ageless scavenger, the Dark Machinist Child utilizes any components available for his mismatched body, mechanical and biological alike. He is unaware of how twisted and obscene his modifications have become.
  • Reaper Splitter - Selectively bred for strength and ferocity, Reapers are the main combatants of the TimeSplitter army.
  • Hector Baboso - The son of a saloon girl, Hector was raised in a house of ill repute. After a series of botched hold-up's, he met fellow outlaw Mikey Two-guns in prison and the pair became firm friends.
  • Lean Molly - Sally's slender sister. She's not big on special cuddles.
  • Dr. Peabody - Since the age of ten, when he blew up his parents' garden shed, Dr. Thadeus Peabody knew that he was destined to be an explosives scientist. He relishes the chance to further dispel academic stereotypes by running amok with an automatic weapon.
  • Crypt Zombie - The mortal remains of the cathedral monks had been at rest for generations in the catacombs of Notre Dame, but the evil magic of Jacque de la Morte has raised their mummified corpses as flesh-eating zombies, ready to carry out his every demand.
  • ChassisBot - Built from scrap and spare parts scavenged from the sprawling Machine Wars Scrapyards, the lightweight ChassisBots are designed for speed and agility.
  • SentryBot - Adapted from old security robots by the Machinist, the SentryBots are programmed to kill anything that moves.
  • Meezer Mox - The Meezor hate everyone and everything, especially their close cousins the Ozor.
  • Male Trooper - The Marine Troopers have borne the brunt of the TimeSplitters onslaught against humanity.
  • Female Trooper - The Marine Troopers have borne the brunt of the TimeSplitters onslaught against humanity.
  • Crispin - Crispin's had one too many brushes with the flamethrower - even he can't remember what he used to look like...
  • Undead Priest - The undead priests are all that remains of Jacque's cult followers. Under his influence they sacrificed their souls for immortality, providing Jacque with an elite army of dark followers.
  • Louie Bignose - Louie's been slipping and sliming his way in and out of Big Tony's good books for years. Every time Tony promotes him he somehow manahes to goof up. Lately he's hit upon the trick of getting Braces to break any bad news to Tony.
  • Slick Tommy - Slick Tommy fancies himself as a bit of a ladies man, as quick with a knife as he is with the saucy one line come-on. Jimmy hasn't told him that you shouldn't wear a blue tie with a brown suit.
  • Jimmy Needles - Jimmy Needles is a ruthless assassin brought in from Miami to handle Tony's more tricky hits. This guy's a fruit nut, every morning he has to have half a cantaloupe melon, two fresh grapefruit and a glass of chilled cranberry juice or else he's just plain ornery all day.
  • Accountant - Claims to know the difference between a double tap entry wound and double entry bookkeeping - but we're not so sure.
  • Lawyer - Should you, the Player, choose freely to play as this character, it is under the express understanding that absolutely no warranty, stated or implied, is given for his performance, or lack thereof, in a deathmatch, or any other arcade scenario, whether in existence or yet to be devised.
  • Braces - Despite the fact that he always gets the blame when things go wrong, Braces remains a loyal foot soldier in Big Tony's mob. Whatever he lacks in intelligence he more than makes up for in brute strength.
  • Maiden - So innocent and so pure, the Maiden is the perfect sacrifice...
  • Jo-Beth Casey - Mary-Beth Casey's younger sister. Jo-Beth likes to sneak out of her parents house at weekends to fight crime and kill monsters. Her high school show and tell sessions are really something quite special.
  • Riot Officer -The NeoTokyo Riot Squad are rigorously trained, acting in all situations to control disturbances with an iron fist.
  • Barby Gimp - Once a high fashion model, Barby Gimp turned her back forever on the world of glamor when she decided to have surgical steel fighting claw implants. She still likes to watch the HoloSoaps on her Neural Visor.
  • Jebediah Crump - Jebediah is the only original inhabitant of Little Prospect left. While the town was being taken over by the Colonel and his gang, the crazy old prospector was at the bottom of a mineshaft drinking moonshine. When he surfaced two days later he couldn't quite work out what had changed...
  • Venus Starr - Venus left her home town at a young age in search of fame as a showgirl. Despite her obvious charms and snazzy home made costume, her career has yet to take off. Perhaps she should have gone somewhere more cosmopolitan than Little Prospect.
  • Mikey Two-guns - Mikey was a two-bit horse thief and cattle rustler until the Colonel lured him into his gang with the promise of easy gold and loose women. The women were never easy but some of them has loose gold teeth so I guess The Colonel isn't all empty talk...
  • Jared Slim - A callous murderer and card sharp, Jared was rescued from the gallows by the Colonel and has been his right hand man ever since.
  • Ample Sally - Always on the lookout for a quick buck, Sally latched onto the Colonel's gang for the chance of fortune and power. They latched on to her for he great cooking and special cuddles.
  • Henchman - The Henchmen are the foot soldiers in Khallos' terror organization. Outfitted with the latest in army surplus night vision goggles and flattering figure hugging suits (plus baseball caps!), they cut a dash in any kind of 'secret base under attack' chaos.
  • Cyberfairy - A space-age pixie, the Cyberfairy flits across time zones, drawn to machine technology like a moth to a flame.
  • Kypriss - Found in a burlap sack at the bottom of a well, no one knows if Kypriss is a supernatural goddess or just a lady with a fancy costume. Despite many offers of money and power she has never raised all of he arms on a public stage.
  • Mister Giggles - Mister Giggles stumbled into a small English village when he was just a boy.Although he was adopted by a loving family, he was never truly happy until he ate them and joined the circus.
  • Marco the Snitch - Marco's turned coat and switched sides far too many times in his short career of crime. Even he can't remember who he's told what to! Sick with worry, he lives his life in constant fear of mob retaliation.
  • Hatchet Sal - Hatchet Sal got his nickname from his habit of chopping off his unfortunate victims right hands. He used to keep his trophies in a shoe box under his bed, but on night, after too much cheese, he had the mother of all nightmares and his box of gruesome buddies just had to go. He's cleaned up his act now, but the hatchet moniker stayed with him.
  • Changeling - The Changlings are shape-shifting spirits drawn to Notre Dame by the foul rituals of Jacque de la Morte.
  • The Hunchback - The Hunchback knows all the hidden doorways and secret tunnels of Notre Dame. Horrified by the evil that Jacque de la Morte has unleashed in his beloved cathedral, he battles to thwart the lunatics plans.
  • Sewer Zombie - The fetid depths of the Parisian sewers are the final resting place of many unfortunate murder victims and diseased beggars. The dark magic suffusing Notre Dame has reanimated their half-rotted bodies.
  • Gargoyle - Infused with stolen life by the TimeSplitters evil aura, the Gargoyles will destroy anything foolish enough to stand in their path. They especially don't like pigeons.
  • The Cropolite - A demon from another dimension, the Corpolite has been drawn to out world by the spacetime rift opened by the TimeSplitters.
  • Beetleman - A hideous alien grafting experiment gone wrong, Beetleman fights out of rockabilly rage at what was done to his once beautiful body...
  • Dark Henchman - When Khallos bought a cheap job lot of sidekick costumes some dudes were lucky to get first pick - guess what? They chose black instead of yellow.
  • High Priest - Yeah? Well this dude thinks you look pretty strange too!
  • Wood Golem - Around the Temple, the thirsty roots of trees have sucked up the blood from a thousand human sacrifices. The souls of these ancient victims now prowl the earth bound within gnarled skins of wood.
  • Aztec Warrior - Modeling the latest in heavy gold jewelery, nose piercing, pudding bowl haircut and high performance athletic support, this guy cuts a mean dash through any tropical rain forest. He's not so keen on prickly thickets though!
  • The Master - A wandering Chinese monk, the Master's life is shrouded in mystery. Ladies can't resist stroking his beard.
  • Krayola - A high school dropout with a genius level IQ, Krayola shunned the academic world to become the brains behind Sadako's sick experiments.
  • Milkbaby - Bullied as a child, Milkbaby honed her fighting skills in the dark streets of the Tek Quarter. Now she serves as a vicious foot soldier in Sadako's gang.
  • Drone Splitter - Once a peaceful amphibian race, the Drones were enslaved when the Splitters invaded their planet. Spinal implants ensure they will never escape the Splitters control.
  • Baby Drone - The TimeSplitters evil knows no limits - even juvenile Drones are forced into labor at a young age.
  • Scourge Splitter - Nothing is known about these fearsome leaders of the TimeSplitters. Although their bondage trousers are admired across the galaxy.
  • R One-Oh-Seven - A few deranged zealots were drawn to the machine wars. Poor Robert-One-Oh-Seven is under the delusion that he is a carefully constructed robot sent to save the world from evil.
  • Feeder Zombie - The Feeder Zombie's thought process is quite simple: eat brains... Although, to be fair, the stains on their T-shirts are mostly melon juice.
  • Stumpy - Stumpy is the adopted son of Sergio the Magnificent. The strongman despairs of Stumpy's errant nature and malicious pranks but hopes in his heart that one day Stumpy will grow up to be a little taller.
  • Lola Varuska - A Ukrainian trapeze artist. Despite the strictures of her corset Lola still manages a dazzling smile. All the gentlemen love her and she never misses a catch.
  • Nikki - Twins from a tiny oriental village, Jinki and Nikki were sold to the Ringmistress when they were both babes in arms. Strangely, each claims to be the elder sister.
  • Jinki - Twins from a tiny oriental village, Nikki and Jinki were sold to the Ringmistress when they were both babes in arms. Strangely, each claims to be the elder sister.
  • Ringmistress - The mysterious matriarch of the circus family, the Ringmistress is fiercely protective of her eldritch troupe.
  • Calamari - A political refugee from a distant ocean planet, Calamari hid in a cupboard when the TimeSplitters attacked the space station.
  • Snowman - Brought to life by a child's wish, the Flying Snowman traverses time in search of death or glory.
  • Bear - Rescued from an animal trap by Lola Varuska, Bear is fanatically loyal and will fight to the death to protect his circus. He's had his fez ever since he was a cub.
  • Leo Krupps - Leo was once the circus lion tamer. But over the years he adopted more and more of his lions characteristics until one morning he was found alone in the lions cage, roaring and dribbling. He has lived as a lion ever since.
  • Sergio - The circus strongman, Sergio's incredible strength is tempered with a compassionate personality and love of life. He likes to tend to his herb garden and collect first editions.
  • Mischief - Mischief's happy smile and childlike manor hide her true nature, a psychotic killer with a love of death. The last person who twanged her braces ended up chopped to pieces in the taffy pulling machine.
  • The Impersonator - The King returns after a sell out tour of holiday camps and working men's clubs.
  • Badass Cyborg - He's the leanest, the meanest and the badass machine-est!
  • Chinese Chef - Still the best in the business. They say his recipe for special slow braised TimeSplitter in black bean sauce is out of this world!
  • Duckman Drake - He's quack and he's back!
  • Gingerbread Man - Flour, brown sugar, shortening, molasses, baking soda, ginger, cinnamon and some well beaten eggs. Mix well, pop in the oven and let the nightmares begin...
  • Insect Mutant - Frank was always telling folks about UFOs in the skies over his garage but nobody believed his tales of alien abductions. Look at him now - what do you think?
  • Robofish - The pesky pop-eyed piscine returns!
  • Dinosaur - He breathes fire and has vestigial forelimbs.
  • Handyman - This guy is straight out of Hatchet Sal's nightmares. Just goes to show, crime doesn't pay - or maybe Sal should have just laid off the cheese.
  • Nikolai - Nikolai is a little too curious for his own good. He's always telling Sgt. Shivers that he knows best and that he can sort out whatever is going on in the secret base under the Dam.
  • Private Sand - Private Sand is a reliable foot soldier in the Desert Force.
  • Private Grass - Private Grass is a hardworking grunt in the Regular Force.
  • Private Coal - Private Coal is a promising recruit to the Special Forces Unit. He has a crush on Lt. Shade but hasn't yet dared to ask her out.
  • Private Poorly - Private Poorly is feeling a little undead after his unpleasant encounter in the caverns below Obelisk Dam.
  • Sgt Rock - Sgt. Rock is a bit of a matchmaker in the Desert Forces. He's always helping his colleagues to get the girl they want.
  • Sgt Shivers - Sgt. Shivers really doesn't like working at Obelisk Dam. It's all a bit spooky and he's fed up with Nikolai calling him a scaredy cat.
  • Sgt Wood - Sgt. Wood is an upstanding officer in the Regular Force.
  • Sgt Shock - Sgt. Shock likes to impress the ladies with his Special Forces uniform. He keeps the helmet shiny and well polished.
  • Sgt Slate - Sgt. Slate should have stayed away from the biological samples under the Dam.
  • Lt Frost - Lt. Frost is an accomplished curling champion. She practices on the frozen lake behind the Dam.
  • Lt Wild - Lt. Wild is a striking officer in the Desert Force. She's always had fast track promotion and many say that one day she's destined to make a General.
  • Lt Shade - Lt. Shade is the female fatal of the Special Forces. Her peroxide blond hair often surprises the men during undercover operations.
  • Lt Bush - Lt. Bush used to get in trouble with her superiors because of her unruly hair. Now she follows their advice and keeps it neatly trimmed.
  • Lt Chill - Lt. Chill has the distinction of being the only undead woman in the game.
  • Trooper White - Trooper White is a promising soldier in the Arctic Force.
  • Trooper Brown - Trooper Brown often gets hot and bothered inside his gas mask on Desert operations.
  • Trooper Black - Trooper Black takes great delight in his work and is always first in the line when Special Forces are deployed - as they frequently are.
  • Trooper Green - Trooper Green's gas mask is a great help with his hay fever on summer operations.
  • Trooper Grey - Trooper Grey's foul zombie breath fills the inside of his gas mask and makes even his eyes water.
  • Capt Snow - Capt. Snow is the leader of the Arctic Force. Sometimes the cold climate makes his earpiece malfunction.
  • Capt Sand - Capt. Sand is the bold commander of the Desert Force.
  • Capt Night - Capt. Night is the daring leader of the Special Forces. He likes to deploy his troops at the slightest sign of trouble. Some of the senior staff officers think that perhaps there's a little too much deploying going on...
  • Capt Forest - Capt. Forest is the well respected chief of the Regular Force.
  • Capt Pain - Capt. Pain could have gone all the way to the top. Unfortunately he volunteered for an experiment in the labs and now he wanders the earth as a soulless monster.

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