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Comprised of key members of the Goldeneye 007 team, Timesplitters was one of the first games released from the upstart Free Radical. The game tells the tale of an alien species known as Timesplitters and humanities effort to fight them off.The first game in the Timesplitters series, the game is rather unique in that doesn't follow a single protagonist or even a single time period, instead the takes players through many locations as many characters, from cops to barely clothed women with miniguns to mutant dockworkers to robots in a shopping mall in 2014.

Unlike Goldeneye, which had a robust campaign mode challenging players to perform many missions, Timespltter's solo campaign mode is rather basic. Each level generally requires to recover an artifact and then return to the starting area while being chased by a mysterious entity. The game was more popular for it's multiplayer modes which featured bots and a level editor. Upon release the game faced competition from the Playstation 2 port of Unreal Tournament which was also released as a launch title for the system. Many comparisons were made of the games in magazines based on the fact that both were multiplayer focused first person shooters.


  • Captain Ash
  • Lady Jane
  • Det. Harry Tipper
  • Lt. Christine Malone
  • Deacon Swaine
  • Chastity Detroit
  • Dr. Seth Graven
  • Dr. Katje Nadir
  • Fingers McKenzie
  • Ravelle Velvet
  • Sebastian Photon
  • Angel Perez
  • Peekaboo Jones
  • Mary-Beth Casey
  • Jacques Misere
  • Olga Strom
  • R 108
  • Gretel
  • Cultist
  • Priestess
  • Teeth Mummy
  • Eyes Mummy
  • Priest Mutant
  • Fishwife Mutant
  • Hick Hyde
  • Insect Mutant
  • Overall Mutant
  • Police Zombie
  • Girl Zombie
  • Skull Zombie
  • Jacket Zombie
  • Green Zombie
  • Brown Zombie
  • Chinese Chef
  • Chinese Waiter
  • Malehood
  • Male SWAT
  • Female SWAT
  • Gasmask SWAT
  • Veiled SWAT
  • Suit Hoodlum
  • Mr. Big
  • Male Soldier
  • Female Soldier
  • Shock Tooper
  • Lumberjack
  • Badass Cyborg
  • Siamese Cyborg
  • Female Cyborg
  • Spaceways Stewardess
  • Tuxedo Cyborg
  • Red Alien
  • Female Alien
  • Pillar Alien
  • Green Alien
  • Float Alien
  • Duckman Drake
  • Robofish
  • The Impersonator
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Farrah Fun-Bunny
  • TimeSplitter #1
  • TimeSplitter #2

Critical Reception

Most critics praised its originality in gameplay and art, as well as its fast paced and addictive multiplayer. A majority of the criticisms stem from its short length and sometimes frustrating level of difficulty. The PC style Map-Maker feature was considered a great feature and also garnered praise. Most reviewers gave this game a 8, or four out of five stars.


  • Although TimeSplitters is the first in the series, it isn't necessarily considered canon. The only information given to the player about the story is that the Timesplitters are searching for the Time Crystals. Since the release any of the main characters' and enemies' stories and appearances have since been drastically changed.
  • This game is considered the second most difficult in the franchise, behind TimeSplitters 2.

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