Timorous Deep

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    The Timorous Deep is an ocean that separates Faydwer to the north from Kunark to the south.

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    Spiroc Isle
    Spiroc Isle

    Timorous Deep is an enormous ocean south of Faydwer that surrounds the entire continent of Kunark. The Maiden's Voyage enters these waters from the northeast from Faydwer and after passing a couple islands inhabited by bandits and not far from the spiroc island, it continues directly to the elven outpost of Kunark known as Firiona Vie. When leaving Kunark, the massive elven ship will make a pit stop at a small outpost set up by the elves on one of the larger islands found in the Deep. The ship will circle the island before heading back north to meet up with the ferries that go back and forth from Butcherblock Mountains.

    Ogre Outpost
    Ogre Outpost

    When travelling from Antonica, a raft will take adventurers to a small camp built by ogres on the spiroc island. The ogres tend to stay away from the larger portion of the island which is inhabited by a colorful race of aviaks that are quite territorial. Nearby, the Bloated Belly, a crude ship fashioned by the ogres will take anyone to the northern shores of Kunark where the dark alliance of ogres and dark elves have settled on the continent. The ogres have chosen a less than scenic route through these waters, really only passing a ship graveyard where bandits inhabit the wreckage, which doesn't sit well with most of the ship's passengers. The Timorous Deep has much more to offer than what can be seen from the pair of ships.

    Paradise Island
    Paradise Island

    Just north of the continent is a sight not many will ever see, which are Iksar ruins that have sunk to the bottom of the sea. A relatively large island southwest of Kunark features many Iksar ruins and a mysterious chessboard that resembles the one found in Butcherblock Mountains. A lone gnome studies these ruins, while a stoic Iksar monk eternally meditates atop the islands highest peak. Directly south of this island are a pair of small islands infested with raptors. Among them is an abandoned druid ring that no druid would ever wish to use given the ferocious predators inhabiting the area. To the east, just south of the elven camp is an iceberg that floats along carrying yetis. Far, far to the south is a mysterious granite ring island. The only entrance is via an underwater tunnel to the east and once inside, one must swim around the inner the ring to the west to enter another underwater cave in order to emerge in a tropical island resembling paradise. A small group of erudite clerics reside at an inn here selling rare wines and teaching the ways of the Triumvirate of Water. Clerics of all allegiances make a pilgrimage here on their most epic of quests. The lake found within this island is said to be where one of Norrath's most fabled creatures often resides. Faydedar, a sea dragon most do not believe to exist, often patrols these waters in the southern reaches of the world terrorize all who travel by sea.


    Finally, in the far southwest corner of the ocean, at the very edge of the known world, a set of wizard spires just barely peeks above the water line. These spires, built by the Combine Empire, hold the secrets of teleportation. Swimming to the ocean floor here will reveal a tunnel that drops adventurers into a large white room with a mystical green bonfire in the center. Surround the room are firepots and torches that symbolize nine major cities of Norrath. Touching any one of these magical relics will transport one to the city that they represent.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Emerald Warriors
    • Keepers of the Art
    • Kelethin Merchants
    • Legion of Cabilis
    • Merchants of Felwithe
    • Pirates of Gunthak
    • Ring of Scale
    • Swift Tails
    • Venril Sathir

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Elven OutpostFood, Water, Alcohol, General Supplies
    Paradise IslandAlcohol

    Guild Halls

    Court of PainMonksIksar Master


    Notable NPCs

    • Alrik Farsight
    • Avatar of Water
    • Cursed Traveler
    • Dolgin Codslayer
    • Drendico Metalbones
    • Faydedar
    • The Great Oowomp
    • Halara
    • Jhassad Oceanson
    • Lheao
    • Natasha Whitewater
    • Olok One`eye
    • Omat Vastsea
    • Ugrak da Raider
    • Xiblin Fizzlebik

    Notable Items

    • Bat Skull Earring
    • Batfang Headband
    • Crystalline Spear
    • Dark Rust Boots
    • Dark Rust Bracer
    • Dragon Bone Bracelet
    • Dragon Hero Bracer
    • Fur Lined Mask
    • Grey Fur Cape
    • Gunthak Eyepatch
    • Kavruul`s Mystic Pouch
    • McVaxius` Horn of War
    • Orb of Tishan
    • Pirate's Booty
    • Runed Bolster Belt
    • Selo`s Drums of the March
    • Shield of the Water Dragon
    • Spiroc Feather Choker
    • Spiroc Feather Spaulders
    • Stained Driftwood Stave
    • Torn, Frost covered book
    • Treasure Hunter`s Satchel
    • Turtleshell Helm
    • Water Dragon Scales

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