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Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers Review 1

IntroductionTiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers from Black Pants Game Studios is not quite the adventure you would expect by watching the trailer. The game promises sandbox style gameplay and an action adventure feel. But the game lacks both.StoryYou are Tiny, a "nerd" like the game tells you. One day you discover that your grandpas underpants is gone. Your mission is to get "Big" whom is the obvious thief. "Radio" will also accompany Tiny on his journey for the underpants. Oh it turns out the u...

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Not as interesting as the Quick Look makes it seem! 0

I saw the Quick Look for this game and got hype for it immediately, but that video sells the idealized version of the game, not the real thing.For the most part this is NOT a sandbox "make your own path" game. In parts it can become that, but it's certainly not representative of the majority of your time spent. In fact, it's quite easy to put the game into an "unwinnable" state, at which point you have to hit the 'Return to Last Checkpoint' button and the game sends you back, usually a little bi...

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A solid, if short, platforming adventure game 0

I think the Quick Look might have contained some unrepresentative language about this game being some sort of open sandbox. I found it to be more like Psychonauts than anything else, though without a plot to propel you forward. The game is is a fairly linear one, but it keeps you engaged by forcing you to learn how best to use a set of tools to manipulate an environment into allowing you forward. There are a few item hunt-y sidequests and minigames (in the form of arcade cabinets hidden through...

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