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A solid, if short, platforming adventure game

I think the Quick Look might have contained some unrepresentative language about this game being some sort of open sandbox. I found it to be more like Psychonauts than anything else, though without a plot to propel you forward. The game is is a fairly linear one, but it keeps you engaged by forcing you to learn how best to use a set of tools to manipulate an environment into allowing you forward. There are a few item hunt-y sidequests and minigames (in the form of arcade cabinets hidden throughout the levels).

I found the game's art direction, particularly the music, to be rock solid. I also enjoyed the boss fights that capstone levels, each of which demands that you pull off some tight maneuvers with the cutting laser. It takes some time to master the use of that tool, and unfortunately the camera controls only allow for the Y-axis to be inverted. However, the controller support for the game is rock solid and the action is never moving too fast for the camera to spoil the experience.

In total, this is a criminally underrated independent title. You could finish the entire game in three hours, but I enjoyed the entire experience and wound up getting a fantastic soundtrack out of the deal through a Humble Bundle. This one is absolutely worth your time.

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