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    Tiny Tower

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Jun 23, 2011

    A management game from Nimblebit in which the player builds a tower as high as possible and fills it with shops and apartments.

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    The goal of this management game is to build as high a tower as possible. The player is given only a lobby and just enough gold coins to build his first floor. That enables him to start the economy and make more money to build more floors. There are two main types of floors: residential and money producing. Residential can accommodate up to 5 Bitizens (inhabitants of the Tiny Tower), who pay rent and also serve as employees in the money producing floors.

    There are 5 types of product selling floors:

    Building new floors is the main goal.
    Building new floors is the main goal.
    • Food
    • Service
    • Recreation
    • Retail
    • Creativity

    Each of these types has its own demand, which is calculated from the current number of each type built. This leads player to have roughly equal amount of each type, for the best results.

    Every floor is built using earned gold coins, the price of every new one is higher than the last one. When a non-residential floor is built, it must be filled with up to three Bitizens (workers), each enables one of the three specific product to be stocked and sold (for example having three Bitizens employed at Mexican Food enables player to sell Chips & Salsa, Tacos and finally Shrimp Platter). Each Bitizen also has a rating for every category, ranging from zero to nine for each, making them more effective in certain types of sales - the higher the number, the cheaper it is to restock given product. In addition to these ratings each Bitizen has a set Dream Job - if he or she is assigned to work in their desired place, the restocked amount of the product is doubled.

    In addition to the main currency (mentioned gold coins) there are also "Bux" available in Tiny Tower. These can be used to speed up all time consuming processes, like construction of a new floor, restocking a product or even enabling to quick-sell all remaining supplies. These Bux are obtained in various ways: player can randomly get one for fully restocking a floor (which normally gives a gold cash bonus), as a reward for finding a certain Bitizen when asked for by the game and more. Also, there is also an ingame store, where it is possible to buy Bux for real money.


    Player's main role in Tiny Tower is to oversee the development of the new floors, managing restocking of the floors and lastly there is an option to operate an elevator, taking random Bitizens to their desired floors for gold coins reward (and random Bux drops). Time passes even when the application is not running, so the player can set tasks like building or restocking of a product and shut the game down. When he returns, passed time is subtracted from each timer and money for sales in this time is added to player's account. The game also supports push messages, alerting player when his attention is needed.

    Every floor and Bitizen can also be customized - floors can change colors and Bitizens can be outfitted in different clothes, their facial hair and some accessories can also be randomized.

    Bitizens stat screen
    Bitizens stat screen

    There are also various menu screens available, where player can browse all of his Bitizens (their mood depends on the actual job), buy faster elevator, exchange Bux for Gold coins, browse stats or read "Bitbook" - local version of Facebook, where Bitizens leave their messages as time passes. It is also possible to visit a friend's Tiny Tower (these friends must be connected via Game Center).

    Organization / Management

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    There are several organizational strategies that you can utilized to make your experience more pleasant. When your floors start to really add up it becomes very difficult to find a specific bitizen for their delivery quests. A great organization technique for floors is to keep all types together. For instance, keep all apartment floors together on the bottom, all the green floors together next, and so on. When you build a new floor you do are given 1 bux which can be used for moving the floor to your desired location.

    Next, color code your bitizens to match the color of the floor that they currently reside on. If they work on a blue floor give them a blue outfit. This saves a great deal of time because instead of looking through all the floors you can just search through a specific section and/or apartment levels.

    Types of Businesses


    Business NameLow Tier ItemMid Tier ItemHigh Tier Item
    BakerySugar CookiesWalnut MuffinsBread Loaf
    BBQ PlaceOnion RingsBBQ SandwichBeef Ribs
    Fancy CuisineSparkling JuiceCaviarRoast Duck
    PubBar NutsRoot BeerHot Wings
    Sushi BarCalifornia RollTuna SushiSea Urchin
    Mexican FoodChips & SalsaTacosShrimp Platter
    Asian CuisineSpring RollsNoodle BowlOrange Tofu
    ScoopsIce Cream BarTriple ScoopIce Cream Cake
    Pizza PlacePizza SlicePersonal PanGiant Pizza
    Sub Shop6 Inch Sub9 Inch Sub12 Inch Sub
    Sky BurgerFriesNuggetsBig Burger
    Vegan FoodBeet SaladRoasted PotatoesSoy Burger
    DinerCup of JoeBacon & EggsSoup & Sandwich
    Tea HouseGreen TeaDumplingsPork Katsu
    Coffee HouseEspressoTall LatteFrappe
    Smoothie ShopWheatgrassSmall SmoothieJumbo Juice
    Frozen YogurtMini ChocolateMedium VanillaJumbo Swirl
    Pancake HousePancakesBerry PancakesBig Stack
    Donut ShopDonut HolesGlazed DonutsBearclaws


    Business NameLow Tier ItemMid Tier ItemHigh Tier Item
    Fortune TellerPalm ReadingTarot ReadingSeance
    Wedding ChapelQuick HitchFull CeremonyThemed Ceremony
    Travel AgencyCar ReservationFlight BookingCruise Booking
    LaundromatSock FluffDelicate CycleDenim Dry
    Ship & PrintPhotocopiesShipmentSales Report
    Barber ShopShaveHaircutPerm
    Martial ArtsWhite BeltRed BeltBlack Belt
    Day SpaPedicureFacialStone Massage
    Health ClubWeight WorkoutBall WorkoutCardio Workout
    Dentists OfficeCleaningTeeth WhiteningGold Crown
    OptometristEye GlassesContact LensesLaser Treatment
    Doctors OfficeCheck UpPrescriptionLab Test
    PharmacyCold MedicineFlu ShotRX Refill
    BankCheck DepositNew AccountLoan Application
    Tutoring CenterAddition HelpGrammar HelpTrig Help
    Private EyeBackground CheckSurveillanceMurder Mystery
    CourthouseSmall ClaimsFamily CourtGrand Jury
    Security OfficeID BadgesRadiosTasers


    Business NameLow Tier ItemMid Tier ItemHigh Tier Item
    PlanetariumPlanet TourSolar TourLaser Show
    AquariumAdmissionFish ToyAnnual Pass
    MuseumAdmissionAudio TourCharity Event
    Mini Golf1 Player Round2 Player Round3 Player Round
    Paintball Arena100 Paintballs500 Paintballs1000 Paintballs
    Rock Climbing1 Climb2 Climbs3 Climbs
    Volleyball ClubPracticeFriendly GameTournament
    RacquetballPracticeFriendly GameTournament
    BowlingShoe RentalSingle GameTournament
    CineplexPopcornMatinee3D Movie
    TheaterInterpretive DanceComedyTragedy
    Comedy ClubLOL'sLMAO'sROFL's
    Night ClubCover ChargeCocktailVIP Ticket
    Karaoke ClubSolo SongDuet SongClub Rental
    CasinoNickel SlotsDollar SlotsPoker Game
    Haunted HouseChillsCreepsScreams
    Arcade1 PlayExtra LifeHigh Score
    Cyber CafeWeb BrowsingComputer GamesGame Tourney
    Video RentalMovie RentalNew ReleaseConsole Rental


    Business NameLow Tier ItemMid Tier ItemHigh Tier Item
    Game StoreUsed GameControllerGame System
    Comic StoreMage CardsBattleclub FigureAtom Man No 1
    Book StorePaperbackHardbackBoxed Set
    Record ShopSingleAlbumDiscography
    Music StoreSheet MusicTrumpetElectric Guitar
    Candle ShopVanilla CandlePine CandlePumpkin Candle
    Fabric ShopThread SpoolQuilt SquareBolts of Fabric
    Mens FashionTieDress Belt3 Piece Suit
    Womens FashionCute HatPurseNice Outfit
    Shoe StoreSandalsSneakersDress Shoes
    Hat ShopTrucker HatCowboy HatTop Hat
    Plant NurserySmall CactusHanging PlantFertilizer
    Furniture StoreFake PlantEnd TableModern Chair
    Auto DealerUsed VanHatchbackConvertible
    Bike ShopBike ShirtBike WheelMountain Bike
    Tech StoreCameraLaptopFlat Screen TV
    Mapple StoreMyPodMyPhoneMyBook
    Toy StoreToy BlocksRocket ShipToy Soldiers
    Grocery StoreCerealTabloidProduce


    Business NameLow Tier ItemMid Tier ItemHigh Tier Item
    Cake StudioSingle LayerDouble LayerTriple Layer
    Soda BreweryCherry SodaCola 6 PackSoda Keg
    Tattoo ParlorButterflyDemon SkullFancy Parrot
    Photo StudioPet PortraitSingle PortraitFamily Portrait
    Film StudioFood CommercialTV EpisodeMovie Shoot
    Art StudioSmall PortraitStill LifeLandscape
    Animation StudioAnimated ShortDVD ReleaseCinema Classic
    Ad AgencyPrint AdBillboard AdTV Ad
    Graphic DesignAlbum CoverBand PosterWeb Site
    Game StudioMatch 3 GameCity SimMMORPG
    Software StudioCalendar AppAnti-virus AppBank Software
    Recording StudioJingle RecordingSingle RecordingAlbum Recording
    Floral StudioCorsageBouquetArrangement
    Architect OfficeRoom AdditionHouse DesignTower Design
    Wood ShopChairRocking HorseBookcase
    Pottery StudioSimple BowlPretty PlateDetailed Vase
    Glass StudioGreen TumblerOrange VaseAqua Bottle
    Fashion StudioWrap DesignBlouse DesignOutfit Design
    LaboratoryLove PotionMystery GooMonster


    Storage ApartmentsLoft ApartmentsMismatch AptsSweetside AptsPlainlake Apts
    Club AptsBeach AptsTiki AptsSafari AptsPinehurst Apts
    Baycrest Apts50's Apts70's AptsStonecrest AptsHifi Apts
    Glendale AptsSanta Fe AptsMesa AptsIvymoss AptsTuscana Apts
    Garden AptsLotus AptsGreenwood AptsRustic AptsBridgeview Apts
    Cottage AptsEclectic AptsGoldcreek AptsHacienda AptsSubmarine Apts
    Nerd Cave AptsAquatic AptsBroadleaf AptsRidgemill AptsBrightpoint Apts
    Devonshire AptsAnti Grav AptsSilverwell AptsPlumbrook AptsMapleton Apts
    Fawlty AptsBirchside AptsArt Deco AptsModerna AptsHigh Tech Apts
    Mistmont AptsMillspring AptsMagic AptsGothic AptsZen Apts
    Estate AptsWestgrove AptsChateau AptsGreek AptsRoman Apts
    Egyptian Apts

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