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    Tiny Wings

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Feb 18, 2011

    A game about the dream of flying on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. You have always dreamed of flying, but you have tiny wings.

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    Ready for takeoff!
    Ready for takeoff!

    Tiny Wings is an iOS game developed by German game creator Andreas Illiger and was released onto the iTunes App store on February 18, 2011. Andreas developed the project solely over the course of seven months. The game revolves around the player controlling a tiny bird whose wings are too small to fly. The user can tap the screen in order for the small bird to nosedive and gain momentum off rolling hills. The objective is to fly across as many islands as possible before nightfall arrives. The game features special challenges that the user can complete in order to permanently increase their score multiplier. In addition, a fundamental feature of the game is that the island's aesthetics are procedurally generated daily; presenting the player a vastly different look for each day.


    1.10 - Game Center Support, New Objectives, Statistics Page

    1.11 - Minor Bug Fixes.


    Tiny Wings has been very highly regarded by critics alike. Touch Arcade gave the title a 5/5 score and remarked that, "The simple gameplay in Tiny Wings is sublime, but there is an intangible aspect that makes it a total joy to play". Likewise, GamePro lauded the game with praise, "This impressive one button App Store entry is simple by design, but deep and engaging enough to make it more than worth the ninety nine cent price point". Tiny Wings currently averages 5 stars on the App Store and an 86% on Metacritic.


    Scores Multipliers
    Scores Multipliers

    1. Pocket Money - Collect 100 coins

    2. Island Hopper - Reach the 4th island

    3. Tiny Slides - Do 7 great slides in one game

    4. Touch The Clouds - Do 1 cloud touch

    5. Early Points - Gain 5000 points on the 1th island

    6. Tiny Fever - Be 5s in fever mode

    7. Odd Number Slide - Do 5 great slides on the 3rd island

    8. Tiny Flow - Do 1 great slide directly after an island jump

    9. Tiny Pirate - Collect 200 coins

    10. Nervous Fever - Be 5x in fever mode in one game

    11. Big Points - Gain 60000 points

    12. Too Fast For Me - Reach the 5th island withoud speed coins.

    13. Island Jump Fever - Reach the 4th island being in fever mode

    14. Giant Slides - Do 32 great slides in one game

    15. Stairway To Heaven - Do 2 cloud touches on the 5th island

    16. Feverish Dream - Do 5 cloudtouches in fever mode

    17. One Cloud Touch Per Finger - Do 10 cloud touches in one game

    18. Great Motoring - Do 10 great slides on the 1st island

    19. Healthy Fly - Reach the 5th island without fever mode

    20. Heavy Fever - Be 17s in fever mode

    21. Upside Down - Turn your device upside down and reach the 5th island

    22. Mega Fever - Be 34 seconds in fever mode

    23. The Holy Island - Reach the 7th island

    24. Ground Slider - Reach the 4th island without doing any great slide

    25. Byte Island - Reach the 8th island

    26. Heavy Points - Gain 175000 points

    27. Perfect Flow - Do one great slide directly an island jump

    28. Far Away From Home - Reach the 9th island

    29. Fever King - Fly through the 4th island in fever mode

    30. No Fever No Fun - Do 20 cloudtouches not being in fever mode


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