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Titanfall is a hyper-competent, bare-bones shooter with the potential to be more. 0

Titanfall is Call of Duty scored to the Benny Hill theme song. The feather-light navigation and gunplay that made CoD such a hit with twitch shooter fans has been injected with amphetamines and dumped, twitching and shrieking, wholesale into Respawn's first effort, an amalgamation of everything the team has learned from their decade-plus of experience and arguably the fastest, fiercest AAA shooter to come to market in recent memory.Everything in Titanfall operates at an accelerated pace. The def...

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For Players Who Want an FPS to Be Excited About Again 0

Like a lot of folks, I've been hoping for an online, multiplayer FPS that I can really sink my teeth into, since the last one that did that for me was Halo: Reach, followed by Call of Duty: Black Ops and each entry before it. But even though Titanfall isn't the revolution for the genre many thought it'd be, it's still a fantastically polished online shooter that's a blast to play even when you're losing.And that's a pretty admirable feat....

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Titanfall gives us a new way to shoot the living hell out of each other in the most enjoyable way imaginable 0

On foot I am a nuisance. A pilot on the space frontier, I use my exceptional mobility to clamber from street level to rooftops in a matter of moments; my jet-boosted belt and wallrunning proving useful tools to escape the barrage of death awaiting at the hands of the Titans. These heavily armoured robots drop from orbit on a whim, armed to the teeth with explosive weaponry ripe for killing. But atop the rooftops there’s little these hefty mechs can do unless I’m careless. So I keep m...

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A breath of fresh air for the FPS genre. 0

BluePoint's XBOX 360 port of Respawn Entertainment's debut game for the XBOX ONE is a very good one. I've played both console versions and aside from the visuals, they are both identical in terms of content and performance. The good thing about the 360 version is that it loads matches much faster than its bigger brother. "Titanfall" can be described as "Call of Duty" with mechs, but that isn't entirely accurate. It's more like an evolution of the FPS genre due to the ability to double jump and w...

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Titanfall Review (Xbox One) 0

by Eli Ghahramani It’s difficult to believe it’s been a solid four years since Infinity Ward disintegrated due to the unfortunate curse of success and even harder to believe that Call of Duty 4 changed console first-person shooters forever almost six and-a-half-years-ago. The first IP developer Respawn Entertainment, the ex-key members of the Infinity Ward team, has ever conceived finally arrived in the form of Titanfall. And while it certainly doesn't stack up to its unrealistic ex...

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Titanfall missed the landing, by a few feet. 0

If you like multilayer games and want to play a game similar to Call of Duty but has a twist, Titanfall is for you. But if you like a good campaign to go along with a great multi-player, then Titanfall is not the best pick. The online is great! The Titans are fun, I haven't had any lag problems, and finding a match is quick. Also the customization options for weapons and Titans in this game are good. However, the campaign, sucked, like sucked a lot. I do not like the online campaign because it ...

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TitanFall the new king of shooters? Or a huge disappointment? 0

I ran through a burning hole in a wall being chased by an enemy Titan. I ran up on three enemies on foot after a few seconds my smart pistol locked onto them and after four squeezes to the RT trigger they fell. I then ran 360 around the wall in front of me and jumped onto the Titan that had finally caught up with me. After a few more seconds I was feet in the air watching the Titan explode into pieces. It was an incredible rush. A rush that TitanFall delvers time and time again.TitanFall was dev...

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Excellent FPS action! 0

Titanfall is that rare game that keeps me coming back for more. It's hard to describe how fast and fluid the action is in this game. It is a ton of fun just navigating and running around the excellent maps of this game. The parkour nature of the movement is just thrilling. The shooting mechanics are spot on and have some real weight to them. The game modes are all fun and supposedly there are more being developed that Respawn has said will be part of a free update. The graphics are great ...

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Xbox's Killer Game 0

Ever since the game won or nominated 60 awards. Titanfall shares the similarities gameplay of Call Of Duty series and Battlefield series. Titanfall allows you to ride your own robot and smash the living crap on every single enemy on the field.The graphics is awesome. but I criticize the plot for being short and not making a proper story.Titanfall somehow reminded me of playing Dino Crisis series, Halo Series, and Dead Space series. (as the monsters was shown on every maps).P.S. cant wait for Tit...

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Good for a rental but not much else. 0

If you're looking for a game to play for a week or two at most it's an enjoyable game. The Titans can be fun the first few times the mechs drop from the sky and can create some exciting moments if you haven't seen the game before. Ultimately the game lacks substance, however.From a content perspective this game is barely bigger than the pre-release demo. There is no campaign; merely a standard multiplayer playlist that will play 30 second in-game cutscenes barely any different from the standard ...

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