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    TNA iMPACT: Cross the Line

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jun 22, 2010

    TNA iMPACT: Cross the Line is a portable version of Midway's TNA Wrestling game.

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    Though SouthPeak Interactive is publishing this portable TNA Wrestling-based game, the game was originally under development for release by Midway. As such, this is roughly based on the first TNA game, complete with the same storyline. It is similar to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the TNA game that was released in 2008. Players will play as Suicide, a wrestler who loses his memory and is forced to work his way back into the ranks of TNA's organization.

    In addition, one of the most interesting features in this Nintendo DS/Sony PSP version is the ability to use ringside announcers Mike Tenay and Don West as playable wrestlers in the game. Tenay is a high flyer whereas West is a power wrestler. There are also other features that are new in this version of the game. For instance, there is a new game mode called "Full Metal Mayhem" where the player will find ringside weapons. Other game modes include the standard one-on-one, tag team, handicap matches as well as Ultimate X match which is specific to the TNA wrestling franchise. In this game mode, wrestlers fight in a specially designed ring where the objective is to grab the "red x" that is in the air in the middle of the ring.

    TNA iMPACT: Cross the Line will also feature a handful of real-life wrestlers in its rosters, such as Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin and more. There are also a few fictional characters found in the single player story mode of the game, which seems to be a direct port of its console predecessor.

    The controls in the game are standard and seem to be convenient on the Sony PSP. For instance, the player presses the X button to kick, the square button to punch, and the triangle button to use grapple moves. In order to run, the player must also hold the right shoulder button as well as use the left shoulder to make the attacks stronger. There is also the circle button which is only used once the player has built up their impact meter. The game will also feature wireless multiplayer for up to two players.


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