Why do you think Nintendo neglects him alot

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It seems that as far as regular games go, toad always seems to show up, but in spin off's he barely playable. The only series i can think of that he's playable in all of the game, is the Mario Kart series and heck he had to be unlocked in double dash. He also been playable in the recent Mario Party's but not originally. I just hate this lack of appearences in spin off's, so many lesser characters get to appear as playable character in the sport's game, while he's very rarely playable outside of kart games, and don't even get me started on the smash bros games, I think it was stupid to make him a move, just as a excuse to not be playable. Come on, you've got to admit out of the Mario characters he deserves it the most.

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Not a lot of people like him. Including me.

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Yet more people hate Waluigi and they still include him.

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Probably because he isn't so much a character, as a species. He's the general "Citizen" Character of the mario games, and including him is like making one of the shopkeepers from final fantasy a leading character. (or something like it) 
The fact that he is used as much as he is shows how much certain people love him.
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I was talking about spin off games, and he's not the Mario character who's a species, so is Yoshi and Birdo.

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