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    Toan is the silent protagonist of Dark Cloud. He is from the village of Norune, and is given the Altamillia by the fairy king, to fix the world and defeat the Dark Genie. The Altamillia gives Toan the ability to collect Altas. Altas are stones or orbs with things in them the fairy king saved from the Dark Genie, like buildings or people. Toan take these things and builds towns with them. He goes into randomly generated dungeons to find the Altas. Toan's weapons include daggers, swords and knives.


    Norune Village

    Paige is in danger
    Paige is in danger

    When Paige (Toan's childhood friend) comes in his house to inform him about the festival, Renee (Toan's mother) tells Toan to finish his meal. As he gazes at the his people dancing happily, the Dark Genie attacks the world. Among the chaos, Toan finds Paige stuck with the tower about to fall on top of her. Toan rushes to save Paige. The world turn black, and Toan wakes up to see the Fairy King. The Fairy King explains to him about the Dark Genie and how to use the power of Altamillia. Toan embarks on his first task to rebuild Norune village by collecting the Altas from Divine Beast Cave. He encounters a silver haired man who attacks him. In the duel, Toan risks his life by shielding his house cat. Amused, the mysterious man gives Toan, a potion. At his home, Toan uses the potion on his house cat which transforms her into a human called Xiao. After Toan has defeated Dran who's under the spell, Dran tells Toan to go the moon people and get their help to seal the evil genie.

    Matataki Village

    Toan meets Goro
    Toan meets Goro

    When Toan enters the village, he sees Goro who retreats to his tree house. Toan goes after to him only get into a duel with him. After defeating Goro, Toan gets the hunter's earrings. Goro informs Toan to head over to Treant, a talking tree. Toan finds out from the Fairy King that Treant needs to be restored by connecting the river. He sets out to Wise Owl Forest to collect all the atla to restore Matataki village. Throughout his adventure, Toan learns from the villagers about Goro and his father, Fudoh, who is a great warrior that defeated the White Tiger and was slain by the Killer Snake. Once the river is connected and Treant is revived, Toan receives the serpent sword and goes out to kill the Killer Snake. Toan retrieves the bone pendant, and he shows Goro. Goro sees the truth behind his father's death when he talks to Fudoh's ghost. Goro joins Toan. Deep in the Wise Owl Forest, Toan finds the guardian, Master Utan, under the Dark Genie spell. After defeating him, Toan and the gang gain access to Brownboo village.

    Brownboo Village

    He goes in and gets hit by a rock (revealed to be a fruit when you talk to one of the villagers later because they will apologize for it) by the locals. Upon getting captured, Toan wakes up and finds himself tied to a pole. The mayor of the village and other citizens question him and his intentions. He tries to explain the situation of the Dark Genie's release, but they brush off the news and threaten to drown him. Just then, one of the villagers walk in and tell them about the crystal's images. They then learn that Toan was telling the truth and that he means no harm to them. But the Dark Genie's release is a problem because while they were responsible for sealing the genie away, they can no longer perform this task since they have stayed on this planet for so long. However, the moon people that have stayed on the moon may still be able to do this, so Toan will need to get the moon orb to control the moon ship. Unfortunately, the orb was accidentally mixed up with the moon fruits that Joska had sold to Queens. The villagers than mark the location of Queens on Toan's map, so that he can retrieve it.


    Ruby joins Toan's party
    Ruby joins Toan's party

    In Queens, Toan sees a vacant town, and when he arrives to the docks, he meets Rando, a merchant. After Rando hears Toan's plea to find the moon orb, Rando shows Toan a submarine that takes him the sunken ship. Toan has to retrieve the atla from the shipwreck to rebuild the town. As Toan rebuilds the town, he learns from the citizens of Queens about its history behind its name. He learns that the Queen died by jumping into the sea when her beloved did not meet her at the altar of their wedding day. During the contruction, Toan gets a new ally called Ruby after completing King's home. King tries to get rid of Ruby, a genie, by giving her lamp to Toan as a reward. However, Toan drops the lamp. Ruby joins Toan once she learns about the Dark Genie by her own will. Later, Toan gets to the bottom of the mystery with the help of the bishop and a fortuneteller. He finds out that Rando is the queen's betrothed, and after he defeats Queen La Saia, Rando appears and apologizes to Toan for using him to get to his beloved. Rando gives Toan, the moon orb, and shatters the life orb to reunite with La Saia in the afterlife.

    Muska Lacka

    Toan meets Ungaga
    Toan meets Ungaga

    Back in Brownboo village, Toan returns the moon orb only to find out that the moon ship cannot be operated due to problems. He must go to Muska Lacka with Theo to get to the moon ship which is hidden deep in Sun and Moon temple. Ungaga appears and warns them about the monsters in the temple. While Toan goes in the temple alone to gather the atla, Theo tries to cheer up Ungaga. Once Toan rebuilds the three sister's home, he witnesses the reunion of Ungaga and Mikara and the story behind why Ungaga has chosen Mikara as his wife. (During the construction of the village, Toan learns his father, Aga, was here and defeated the chief of the village which has everyone in awe of his strength.) When Toan rebuilds the whole village and gains two signets, he unlocks the door to the king's tomb. He defeats the boss and enters the room where the moon ship resides. Toan and the Fairy King drive the ship to the moon.

    Yellow Drops

    Osmond and Toan
    Osmond and Toan

    Toan arrives to Yellow Drops where the inhabitants greet him. Even though Samba ditches Toan for a date with his girlfriend, Toan gets debriefed about his mission from Ledan to collect all the Atlas of the broken robot (Sun Giant) by exploring Moon Sea. During the reconstruction of the Sun Giant and going back and forth to Moon Sea, Toan finds Osmond (the leader of the crew behind the Sun Giant's creation) who is on the ground. When Osmond wakes up, he and Toan get back to Yellow drops where Osmond tells Toan about the final part of the Sun Giant. It's the Sun Sphere the powers the Sun Giant which can be obtained at the Coliseum. Eventually, Toan defeats Minotaur Joe with the help of his gang. Toan, Osmond, and Osmond's crew fly the Sun Giant to Dark Heaven Castle.

    Dark Heaven Castle

    As Osmond, Toan, and the gang fly their big robot into the clouds, the Dark Genie appears with his master. A fight ensues, and when it appears the Sun Giant has defeated the Dark Genie, he is actually alive as he speaks through his master's body. After a explanation of the Dark Genie's intangible form, he destroys the Sun Giant easily. Dran swoops in and rescues Toan and Osmond. The two arrive to Dark Heaven Castle. Toan enters and sees Seda (the mysterious stranger) who tells him the whole truth. Seda explains that he is actually over 400 years old and that he created the Dark Genie from his blood mixed with a witch's blood. He did it to win the war, but when his wife, Sophia, is slain by an assassin, he lost control of his rage. That is how the Dark Genie got free. Seda informs Toan that the only way to destroy the Dark Genie is to travel in time to prevent its creation. Suddenly, the Dark Genie tries to possess Seda, and Seda stabs himself with his sword. He uses his remaining strength to open a portal to time.

    Jumping in the gallery of time, Toan collects fragments of Seda's memory. When Toan collects them all, he visits the event when Sophia is supposedly assassinated. Toan attempts to stop the assassin only to get freeze in his track. In the end, Sophia still got killed. The Dark Genie tells Toan that he is too powerless to stop him. Toan fights and defeats the Dark Genie. Immediately, the Fairy King urges Toan to use the Atlamillia to bring back Sophia's life. This prevents Seda's rage from getting out of control. The Dark Genie is defeated for now. Soon after the events, Toan and Xiao are seen going home to Norune Village.


    Toan getting an Alta
    Toan getting an Alta

    Toan is a close ranged combatant who is armed with daggers or swords.

    Special Ability: Toan has the ability to touch Atla with the Atlamillia stone on his left hand. He can rebuild villages using his Atlamillia stone.

    Toan's charged attack: Toan can charged his weapon and jumps up to deliver a powerful blow on his enemy. After defeating Dran and completing Norune Village 100%, Toan learns the Windmill Slash attack from Dran. Toan can charge two times (glows twice during gameplay) and attacks his foe with a whirlwind attack.

    Special Items

    Favorite Food: Fluffy donut - Raises Toan's Defense.


    These weapons can evolve except for the default weapon. All weapons can be found in large treasure chests, and some are given.

    • Dagger - A default weapon that has a default attribute of wind.
    • Gladius -
    • Bone Rapier - It has a default attribute of ice.
    • Shamshir - It has a default attribute of thunder.
    • Baselard - It has a default attribute of fire.
    • Kitchen Knife - It has the ability, Quench, which lowers thirst.
    • Crysknife -
    • Wise Owl Sword - Can be bought at the Wise Owl Shop for 2,500 gold.
    • Sandbreaker - It has the ability, Thirst, which makes character's thirst meter run quickly. However, it can restore thirst meter when the player uses the sword to defeat the enemy.
    • Chopper
    • Lamb's Sword - Can go into "Wolf" mode when its WHP gauge is low. Stats changed, too.
    • Claymore
    • Cross Hinder
    • Antique Sword
    • Tsukikage
    • Choora
    • Dusack
    • Brave Ark
    • Maneater
    • Heaven's Cloud
    • 7 Branch Sword
    • Atlamillia Sword
    • Dark Cloud
    • Big Bang
    • Evilcise
    • Drainseeker - It has the ability, Drain, which allows the player to steal health from enemies after attacking them.
    • Mardan Eins - It can be obtained once the player catches a fish called Mardan Garyan. After catching the fish, the player exchanges 2,500 fishing points for the sword at the fishing spot.
    • Mardan Twei - The second evolved stage of the Mardan Eins which can only evolved by catching more Mardan Garyan.
    • Arise Mardan - The final evolved state of Mardan Eins which can only evolved by catching more Mardan Garyan.

    Ultimate Weapon

    There weapons are in their final evolved state.

    • 7th Heaven
    • Chronicle Sword
    • Sword of Zeus
    • Chronicle 2

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