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    A toaster is an appliance for toasting slices of bread. Cold bread is inserted into the slot on top of the toaster, and a spring-loaded switch lowers the bread into the toaster. This switch also turns on an electric heating element that warms the bread to the user's desire.

    Toaster Variants

    Hot Dog Toaster
    Hot Dog Toaster
    • Multi-Slot: most toasters have two slots, but some come with four or more slots
    • Bagel: bagel toasters have extra-wide slots to accommodate bagels. On these toasters, a special bagel setting will activate only the heating coils on the inside of the toaster so that the inside of the bagel gets warm and the outside stays chewy.
    • Eggs: some toasters come equipped with an add-on that will fry an egg while the bread toasts. These are good for making egg sandwiches.
    • Hot dog: this specialized toaster comes with two semicircular slots and two tubular slots for toasting hot dog buns and hot dogs.


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