TOCA Race Driver 3

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Feb 21, 2006

    ToCA Race Driver 3 is the third installment in the Race Driver series from Codemasters.

    narley's TOCA Race Driver 3 (PC) review

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    Great game, if your into cars

    What can be said about Toca Race Driver 3 other than its a good game. 
    The last time I played a racing game that gave me mindless fun regardless of the dificulty was back when Gran turismo 3 was new. I remember having fun doing the 100 lap challenges with friends, doing the rally courses over and over cause I liked the way cars drifted all over the track, I even had fun playing some of the tracks I didint liked so much just cause I liked the way the wet aspahult looked. To me Gran turismo 3 was a good game, even though I didint liked racing games back then. 
    Ive played other racers since then, a bunch of need for speed games including Shift, Burnout games, Futuristic racers, even Mario kart, but from all those, only Toca race Driver 3 gives out a GT3 vibe.  
    Its a hard game, and it gives you penalties for bad driving, but the tracks, the cars, the look and feel of the game remind me of those days.  
    If your into racing games, theres no question that you'l like it. Good graphics, good amount of cars, and good controls will make sure that you do. Theres even car damage, Back then car makers where not cool with showing car damage on games.
    Just dont expect it to actually be Gran Turismo 3. Theres no music, and theres a more serious tone to the game, but its still a good racer. The car selection is diferent from that of most racers, since you wont find ferraris and mustangs, but theres something about going from a Civic 06 to a mercedes W196. I mean, Theres even bikes, monstertrucks and lown mowers. 
    Give this game a chance. You'l like it.

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