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Tofu will begin to redden should it receive damage
Tofu will begin to redden should it receive damage

What originated as a collision detection model used by the developers when testing the game, Tofu was eventually turned into the star of its own minigame in Resident Evil 2. Titled The Tofu Survivor, it is one of the harder bonus mini-games in the Resident Evil series. To unlock the mode, the player must complete all four scenarios with at least an A rank.

The course itself is identical to that of HUNK's--the protagonist of another minigame titled The 4th Survivor--where it must travel from the sewer entrance of the R.P.D. to its rooftop. Yet whereas HUNK has a set of firearms and ammo to help defend himself, Tofu has but only a small fruit knife to stave off the health conscious undead hordes. However, Tofu is at least much more durable than the other characters in the game.

Other appearances

In the light-gun shooter Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, there is a secret mode where Claire Redfield has to stave off a number of hostile tofu blocks.

In the fanservice-filled piece of DLC for Dead Rising 3, officially titled 'Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha', there is a pickup that will temporarily turn the player character into Tofu, complete while wearing Jill Valentine's STARS beret. The transformation offers no additional abilities or benefits--and in fact pressures the character to avoid combat--however the time spent as Tofu is brief.

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