Harder than Braid?

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I just finished about 2 and a half worlds on normal in 2 hours and it feels like it is getting tough already, has anyone finished it?

Braid probably took me 24 hours (wow I'm slow) to beat without googling, because I needed up to 10 hours to figure out that I could jump on my "shadows" head.. but it was one of my most satisfying moments in gaming, finishing Braid without help. When I think about it.. after I was done I felt really good about the game and still loved it, but after 100%ing SMB I was like "a#+rjghpiaurg, I will never ever play this game again". Hopefully that doesn't happen with Toki Tori.;)
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Alright, I'm in the last world and just played through a few of the Portal 2 related maps. 

It is pretty hard, but it is also a really great game, especially for the insanely low price of 2.24€/2.49$ on steam right now.. love it.

Edit: If you like puzzlers like Braid, get it.

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