What is everyone's longest survival run so far?

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#1 Posted by beard_of_zeus (1774 posts) -

I managed to make it 123 years this afternoon with the wolf! Pretty thrilled with that. I got to around 80 years a couple different times, but started playing really sloppy and paid the price.

Seems like at around 65 years, everything turns into a nightmarish dinosaur hellscape, and you really need to start playing quite stealthily. It's possible to take down dinos and bigger creatures if you can get that initial stealth kill. Beginning to accumulate some nice gear (especially ATK up) has been good too.

I won't spoil anything, but once you hit 100 years, the game starts doing everything in its power to make sure you die incredibly quickly. I managed to subsist on water and items for way longer than I should have been able to. (There's food, but not a lot!)

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#2 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10212 posts) -

103 with the Dilophosaurus (189k score), though the game isn't all that interesting once you reach the point of no foodturn, claim territory and mate with a desperate female and repeat ad infinitum or until you die or get bored. I'm more interested in a pure murder run with the Dilo just to see how high I can get the score prior to year 100, ridiculous amounts of KCal when you can kill everything.

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#3 Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy (659 posts) -

I just started playing last night, so I have only made it a little over 30 years with the Pomeranian.

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#4 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -

Only started playing about a day or so ago. 
Made it 69 years with the cat.

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#5 Posted by Retnex (14 posts) -

Made it to 104 with a porcupine.

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#6 Posted by tallTuck94 (586 posts) -

I gave up after 50 years with the Beagle. I just wanted to try out a different character so I think I could of lasted a lot longer.

So far I've unlocked up to the hyena but the beagle seems like the best animal for balance. It's fast, lasts for a while with no food and it was strong enough to silent kill Tigers close to the 50 year mark.

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#7 Posted by Jack268 (3370 posts) -

38 years as a chicken

I just wanted to unlock the rabbit

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#8 Posted by Worcanna (102 posts) -

....22 years with the fat cat. Though i did manage to kill every dog, cat, chicken or jackal in my way.

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#9 Posted by SomeJerk (4077 posts) -
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87 years ended by a not-on-radar bullshit insta-kill no-dodge-warning-or-chance beast that spawns late in the game. Not fair.

Don't think I'll get past 100 with this one, it's painful to be forced to stay above ground as time goes on.

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#10 Posted by LassieME (257 posts) -

I just finished my 67 year run with a beagle, dying from hunger after getting chased away from the carcass of a lion by two tigers.

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#11 Posted by aznjon12 (201 posts) -

40 Year life as a cat. Got mutilated by bigger lion-like cats.

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#12 Posted by Pepsiman (2799 posts) -

I made it 106 years this evening with the lycaon while grinding out the credits to unlock the two animals you gain access to post-story mode. The guard dog costume set makes animals like that surprisingly viable in the post-60 year stretch and I've found that if you can make it to the sewers or, worst case scenario, Yoyogi Park Underground you can usually last a long while since those two places are largely where everything that isn't a dinosaur ends up congregating. The sewers do eventually become panther hell at around year 100 since I have a supreme knack for attracting packs of them while going about my business, but they're not inherently inescapable if you know what you're doing. Only reason I ended up dying was...

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#13 Posted by Paindamnation (874 posts) -

40 years as a cheetah, bitchez. J/k About to unlock the dino but my cubs wont grow up past the lion stage after breeding.

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#14 Posted by Barrock (3926 posts) -

45 years with the kitty cat.

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#15 Posted by ICantBeStopped (523 posts) -

@Paindamnation: You have to claim a territory and sleep at its nest to 'grow up' as a chicken or lion

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#16 Posted by Paindamnation (874 posts) -

Fuck you Tokyo Jungle. Oh fuck you.

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#17 Edited by Fredchuckdave (10212 posts) -

@Paindamnation: A game hasn't been this limited in its tutorializing since Resident Evil 6! And we all know what a disaster that was.

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#18 Posted by Paindamnation (874 posts) -

@Fredchuckdave said:

@Paindamnation: A game hasn't been this limited in its tutorializing since Resident Evil 6! And we all know what a disaster that was.

That and the story missions near the end are brutal. Plus you don't "know" what to do without a hell ofalot of experimentation. Plus un-skippable credits. What is this, 2007?

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#19 Posted by Genkkaku (759 posts) -

Only played it once and made 35 years with the Pomeranian .. But as soon as I have time gonna jump in and start unlocking some critters

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#20 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10212 posts) -

@Paindamnation: I actually like it, though you're definitely right about the storyline missions. Of course Lions are kind of unplayable compared to other predators due to how gimped you are as a cub but still get the same large predator challenges.

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#21 Posted by Least100Seraphs (59 posts) -

142 years as Panther. I'm thinking Panther/Cheetah are top tier animals for long lasting survival runs. They have very high movement speed (important because you can't breed it higher as challenges don't give speed), they're big enough to clean kill the dinosaurs, but they're small enough to be able to use the sewers and Yoyogi park Under. Their hunger is a little low, but they're able to wear the Patapon plush which is unbrekable and adds 10 hunger. And of course, over time they'll increase their non-speed stats through challenge completion and breeding.

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#22 Posted by jasonefmonk (378 posts) -

@Least100Seraphs said:

I'm thinking Panther/Cheetah are top tier animals ... very high movement speed ... clean kill the dinosaurs ... small enough to be able to use the sewers and Yoyogi park Under.

I was going to say the same. I haven't gotten past 70 years, but it seems obvious after running around with the deinonychus. Sewers are really handy and the big cats can still get in.

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#23 Posted by SkankinPacman (109 posts) -

43 years as the Pomeranian. Would of made it farther but I ran into a Lion and he just wrecked my shit.

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#24 Edited by commonoutlier (140 posts) -

I've been playing it on and off over the past week or so, so I'm still working on earning all the animals rather than focusing on surviving as long as I can (although after I unlock an animal, often times then I will try my best to survive, mostly focusing on the challenges). I think the farthest I've gotten was maybe 73 or 74 years...I can't remember what animal I was, maybe the jackal or lycaon...I think I died of starvation, since I had used up all my items at that point. The latest animal I've unlocked was the cheetah, can't wait until I get a dinosaur.

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#25 Posted by SpiderCabaret (32 posts) -

Legitimately, 126 years with tigers. I... did something stupid at around 110 years that broke the camera and had it stuck on one place, so I had to blindly fumble around to find a certain puddle of water to keep myself going every year and eventually subsisting on items as old age depleted my hunger gauge.

Illegitimately, 207 years. I'm using the ERC-003 It's actually still going, I'm just taking a break because post-100 years is just a battle with boredom. Every year just feels like hours. It may very well be driving me insane.

Why? Why am I doing this to myself?

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#26 Posted by avidwriter (704 posts) -

Shit am I that bad? I barely make it 20 years and I can't beat the damn fat cat in the story mission. -_-

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