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Tom and Jerry in House Trap is a children's action action, brawler released in 2000 for the PlayStation. The game was developed by Warthog Sweden and was published by NewKidCo in North America, Ubisoft Entertainment in Europe and by Success Corp. in Japan in 2002.


The game features Tom and Jerry once more engaging in cartoon, domestic warfare as the duo combat each other within a household using whatever weaponry they can find for use within the house. The gameplay is modelled to be similar to the animated show where each character sets traps in hopes of catching the other character.

The gameplay itself is most similar to the game Spy vs. Spy and even adopts the split-screen aesthetic of that game. The game is set within a house in which the player slowly unlocks access to additional rooms as the game progresses, with each room containing new weaponry and traps to be utilised by the player.

Weaponry used within the game includes:

  • Butter (used to make the floor slippery)
  • A fishbowl
  • A frying pan

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