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    Tom and Jerry: War of the Whiskers

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 18, 2002

    Tom, Jerry and friends go for an all out war in this four player fighter.

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    Tom and Jerry - War of the Whiskers is a party fighting game for up to 4 players. It is also a sequel to Tom and Jerry - Fists of Furry released on the Nintendo 64 and PC. The gameplay in both titles play similar to Capcom's Power Stone series which players scramble for items, power ups and attack buffs. It is also notable for being rated T for Teenagers based on a franchise catered toward kids.

    Gameplay Modes

    The game features three gameplay modes. One mode for a Single Player, the other two for Multi Player games.


    The Single Player 'Campaign' mode where one player fights against five opponents in their separate stages and one boss character. By finishing the game with one character, the game rewards the player by unlocking a character that can be used in the other modes. You can also unlock boss characters to play in the other modes.

    Quick Play

    The main Multi Player mode where one to four players can compete in one arena. This mode also features customizable rules and features. Including unique costumes for each character, three game types, handicaps and team allocations.


    The same mode as above, with the ability to choose how many rounds to fight.

    Multiplayer Game Types


    The Free-For-All mode where the last surviving player wins the match.


    Players split into two to four teams. Last team surviving the match wins.

    Tag Team

    Two players enter the arena, and can swap with a team player at any time.


    • Tom
    • Jerry
    • Spike
    • Tyke
    • Butch
    • Nibbles
    • Duckling
    • Eagle
    • Lion
    • Robot Cat (Boss)
    • Monster Jerry (Boss)



    Items will spawn all over the arena. Despite there being 75 weapons, there are only a handful of weapon types. Weapons thrown can also be picked up in the air to prevent damage. Players can hold the button down to increase the speed of which they're tossed to prevent them from being caught in the air. Players who are knocked back while holding an item will drop it.

    • Tossable Items (Big)

    Items such as chairs that can be picked up and tossed. However the jump height is significantly lowered.

    • Tossable Items (Small)

    Items such as eggs can be picked up and tossed. In addition there are multiple quantities and take awhile before they're depleted.

    • Melee Weapons

    There are several melee types that represent a hammer or a skewer type weapon.

    • Dynamite

    Explosives that can be thrown at enemies before it's time counts down to 0.

    • Stage Hazards

    In addition to items are environments that can cause damage if players step into dangerous places or are thrown into by opponents. These vary from each stage.

    "Question Mark" Power Up

    The question mark pick up randomly appears in the arena that will have one or two different effects upon the person who collects it.

    • Forcefield

    Invulnerbility shield that lasts for a brief period of time.

    • Poison Gas

    A smoke cloud that slowly drains health. Hitting another player will pass the effect onto them.


    By influcting damage or taunting players will fill up a separate bar that can be activated by pressing the taunt button when the gauge is full. While the bar depletes, the player can deal double damage.


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