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#1 Edited by Sneakytank (7 posts) -

looking for people to play with, My Uplay and steam name is sneakytank. Please feel free to send me an invite.

mod edit: this is now the catch-all topic for finding friends to play The Division with on PC.

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#3 Posted by Sneakytank (7 posts) -
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#4 Posted by Lowe451 (13 posts) -

Friend request sent on Uplay!

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#5 Posted by HerrHeimlich (93 posts) -

They closed that thread unfortunately...

So... I'm VonHeimlich on Uplay and I'll be looking through other people's garbage in the game...

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#6 Posted by YoThatLimp (2506 posts) -

I'm YoThatLimp on steam!

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#7 Edited by GaspoweR (4901 posts) -

Not sure if this gonna become the default PC thread but anyways I'm Wytpony on UPlay.

I'm in the US (CST) so for anyone who is up for some shooting...not ZAMBIES but hooded and masked hooligans out for blood and loot, shoot me an invite.

Also not against going rogue though but if ever we do, we need to have a plan before hand. I also just take DZ credits and not loot...if we hypothetically go rouge. ;)

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#8 Edited by Shivoa (1590 posts) -

As that old thread is locked (because it referenced the beta and PS4 & xbox both have their own new threads?) it makes sense to take this as the new PC username thread.

uPlay: Shivoa.

I'm likely to be playing mainly during EU times (and with EU pings/servers) but feel free to add me if only for the busier map filled with friends icons wandering around doing stuff (assuming that stuff isn't also region-locked).

Also worth linking here: Giantbomb Group (Giantbomb LFG) Division PC Group [GB forum thread]

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#9 Posted by Zurv (1012 posts) -

Zurv on steam. I'm on the east coast (no plan to play like a jerk in the DZ) :)

i'm planning to start playing at 12:01.. maybe.. i'm getting old :)

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#10 Posted by groposo (107 posts) -

I'm in.

groposo on steam and groposo22 on uplay

I'm in Brasil so i'm problably gonna play mostly on GMT-3

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#11 Edited by MagnusGman (24 posts) -

MagnusGmanzors on uplay! I'll be down for some duder fun times. I'll gun you down if you go rogue though.

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#12 Posted by shota00 (46 posts) -

Pungistick on Steam, Pungistick01 on uplay

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#13 Posted by hach (238 posts) -

Hach47 on Uplay, UK timezone

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#14 Posted by musclerider (895 posts) -

Joe Piscopo on Steam, MuscleRiderX on UPlay. US East

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#15 Edited by Mike (17995 posts) -

@shivoa: I just went ahead and edited the thread title of this topic, we can use it as the general PC thread for now.


Uplay: Cletus_VanDamme (don't ask, if you get this reference without Googling it you're awesome)

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#16 Posted by ALavaPenguin (948 posts) -

I am ALavaPenguin on Uplay on PC... I think not really sure how uplay works haha

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#17 Edited by avantegardener (2369 posts) -

PC Uplay: avantegardener

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#18 Edited by Par1val (91 posts) -

UPLAY: gamingmajik

I'm not sure how this is gonna work, but just in case here's my steam:


I'll be playing at 12:01am. Pacific time.

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#19 Posted by atomicoldman (831 posts) -

My friend and I were going to play this tonight, but I'm always down for doing some missions with you guys. Uplay ID is mrweatherby

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#20 Posted by Greywolf_Lexx (30 posts) -

Here's mine:

Steam: greywolf_lexx

Uplay: greywolf_lexx

I'll be playing a little tonight, feel free to add me and see you in the Dark (Lang?) Zone!

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#21 Posted by sirdesmond (1467 posts) -

Looking for people to play with tonight and later this week!

  • Steam: cdsorrell
  • Uplay: dratizz
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#22 Posted by ThatOneDudeNick (1569 posts) -

Uplay: Epidemik702

I'll be on around 10am Pacific and probably on all day. I'm off the next few days.

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#23 Posted by Kowalczyk (147 posts) -

I'll be looking for people to play with tonight and all this week

Steam: Kowalczyk

Uplay: Kowalczykd

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#24 Edited by moregrammarplz (330 posts) -

Servers are going up in a minute. Hopefully they stay up. Hit me up if you want to join me in holding left mouse button over some bad guys.

Steam: slickracerprime

Uplay: Treadstone9

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#25 Posted by GaspoweR (4901 posts) -

Just a heads up uPlay seems to be down, reckon servers are getting rocked pretty hard in NA.

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#26 Edited by RalphMoustaccio (298 posts) -

@gaspower: Yup. I got through the character creator and then the server crashed on me. Now I can't even log back in to uPlay. Another successful online-only game launch.

Update: 12:40 am CST and I was finally able to log in. Hopefully that continues. I'll be on intermittently, normally after 8 pm CST. Uplay name is RalphMoustaccio.

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#27 Posted by hach (238 posts) -

same but managed to do two side missions, I'm just going to try again tomorrow

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#28 Edited by Shivoa (1590 posts) -

So the PC servers seemed to go up an hour early (maybe, I was asleep but definitely they were up before the official start time). Is nice it uses the same settings file as the beta so graphics settings import. Some stuff seems to have moved a bit on sliders so maybe the range of values in the final game is slightly different (eg UI was at 0%, minimum scale - imported settings file from beta sets that as 17% in the final game).

Twitter chatter seems to be that not only has the global PC launch taken down the PC servers, but also the entire of uPlay (no one can log on), and so the console servers (getting kick messages with #PS4Share on them - presumably because a central set of uPlay login servers mediate all Division connections, including the console version). Even their web servers seem down (with gateway time-out failures). Hopefully this is a temporary issue and also hopefully this is not the signs that some idiot scriptkiddies are DDoSing every exposed bit of the Ubi network.

Edit: Touch wood it was only a 10 minute outage.

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#29 Posted by doctordonkey (1825 posts) -

Steam: Dr.Donkey

Uplay: Uruchix

Just walking around slowly, taking in the atmosphere, it's already justifying its purchase. Really nice looking game.

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#30 Posted by MAST (891 posts) -

Everyone feel free to add me to uPlay as well.


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#31 Posted by Madass (22 posts) -

uPlay ID = kbmatus

I'm in US Central, and play a somewhat decent amount of the time, so hit me up if you need a frequent partner.

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#32 Edited by Peleus (138 posts) -

Steam and Uplay user name is Peleus81

US East Coast. Just looking for some guys to group with for harder content later on

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#33 Posted by inquisitorhayt (35 posts) -

US East Coast Uplay InquisitorHayt

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#34 Posted by Stonyman65 (3808 posts) -
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#35 Posted by rathantoras (216 posts) -

Feel free to add me

Uplay name: Rathantoras87

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#36 Posted by Bendik_Solbakken (24 posts) -

Feel free to add me if you want a Norwegian guy in your squad.

Uplay Name: Bonino_NOR

I play on the EU servers, not sure if that matters or not.

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#37 Posted by Svamp (9 posts) -

uPlay: Svamplol

Playing on PC~

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#38 Posted by Launch (94 posts) -

Steam: Launched

Uplay: L4unch

Feel free to add me! I'm from the EU, so I don't know if that messes things up, but hey, let's try!

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#39 Posted by playd3ux (11 posts) -


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#40 Posted by DoomInnaBox (13 posts) -

uPlay & Steam: DoomInnaBox

Usually poking around evenings PST. Down to group up for anythin'.

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#41 Posted by gosukiller (2340 posts) -

Anyone from Europe looking for some Uplay friends for this game? Add me, Mrgosukiller!

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#42 Edited by Piston_Honda (4 posts) -

uplay name is PistonH0nda

Feel free to add me

Edit: I'm playing on US East Coast

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#43 Posted by metalsnakezero (2884 posts) -

Metalsnakezero on UPlay. I'll be playing around 7:30pm EST till 11.

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#44 Posted by Littleboots (2 posts) -

I own a PC and also play this game. We should play together.

uplay: PewPewMcGoo42

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#45 Edited by zaccheus (2093 posts) -

uplay: Zaccheuz

I'm just downloading the game and added everyone in this thread. Nice to see that I can pull 10MB/s from uplay. First game I have bought from there, that -20% discount was just too enticing.

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#46 Posted by Mister_V (2442 posts) -

M1st3rV on Uplay. Up for whatever.

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#47 Posted by Syndrom (518 posts) -

reavx on steam
syndoom on uplay

euro player up for stuff :)

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#48 Posted by dOm_CaTz (310 posts) -
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#49 Posted by flakmunkey (243 posts) -

Steam- flakmunkey

Uplay- verdadthat

mostly be playing after 7PM EST weekdays and whenever on weekends.

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#50 Edited by Big_Denim (835 posts) -

Steam: Big Denim

uPlay: cugabuh

I'll be on later tonight when I'm home from work at 5 ET. Looking forward to blowing shit up with some fellow bombers!

EDIT: In hindsight, that last sentence probably doesn't look good in a government scan/probe...

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