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#1 Posted by ScottG13 (165 posts) -

We should have a clean threat for Xbox One users looking for Duders to Dude with. Presume anyone that adds to this is welcome to a friend invite.

GT: ScottG13


With Mic

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#2 Edited by synful303 (17 posts) -

GT: Synful303


Always down to play with some cool new people.

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#3 Posted by constantk (96 posts) -

GT: Constantk


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#4 Posted by DocHarrop (28 posts) -

GT - Doc Harrop


Have a mic.

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#5 Posted by OJ (67 posts) -

GT: OJ1984


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#6 Edited by extintor (1096 posts) -

Yes absolutely. I'll be down to be a part of the GB group. My gamertag is Extintor. I'm in the UK and usually online in the evenings.

EDIT: I have a mic - I'm mid 30s so my tendency is to mute all but I'm sure that you duders are all an ok bunch that I wouldn't have to do that for!

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#7 Edited by ThatOneDudeNick (1569 posts) -

GT: Epidemik LV


I have a mic. Tues-Thurs I'll be on a bunch all day. After that I tend to play in the afternoons unless it's my day off (usually mid week).

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#8 Posted by Dusk (12 posts) -

GT: Dusk22


Have Mic

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#9 Posted by InstantRyan (528 posts) -

GT: Klapakazoo


I tend to play at really random times though so you may not see me at all that much

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#10 Posted by drhughjwang (7 posts) -



Usually mic'd

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#11 Posted by robertjansson (12 posts) -

GT: KickinNScreamin


pretty random gaming schedule, but always nice with a GB division.

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#12 Posted by JerseyDevil260 (11 posts) -

GT: JerseyDevil260


I have a mic. I will usually be on a lot so feel free to add me

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#13 Posted by Professorreid (44 posts) -

Professor Reid CST

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#14 Edited by NeuralLink (35 posts) -




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#15 Posted by hushislushie (30 posts) -

hushislushie, CST, and I have have a mic!

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#16 Posted by flameboy84 (896 posts) -



I have a mic which I use most of the time.

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#17 Posted by Asmo917 (831 posts) -

GT: Asmo917


Have mic

Play evenings and weekends

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#18 Posted by the47ronin (88 posts) -

GT: Ryaer

Mountain Time

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#19 Posted by metal_mad (40 posts) -

GT: metal mad


Hope to play evenings and weekends as my 6 month old allows :)

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#20 Posted by memphisto (6 posts) -

MODS Nizzhof

I'm pretty sure I got a mic somewhere around here...

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#21 Posted by TheManiacsGnome (344 posts) -

GT: JetSquirrelGO


I don't know, I work until 7:30pm most nights soooo, after that?

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#22 Posted by heimidal (1 posts) -

GT: Heimidal

Timezone: MST

Outside normal business hours

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#23 Posted by Cameron_Friend (16 posts) -

GT: Camer0n Friend

Timezone EST

I tend to play weekdays during normal business hours while my girlfriend is at work, so I think that tends to align me with the duders in the UK and beyond?

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#24 Edited by OldManLight (1328 posts) -

GT: Old Man Light


Picking this up friday because being a responsible adult sometimes means getting a delayed start on new games. I'd be happy to jump into the Dark Zone with any of you duders. Will play as time permits throughout the day and will use a mic if others are.

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#25 Posted by rotorious (97 posts) -

GT: ziggybardust


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#26 Posted by dagimpz (7 posts) -



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#27 Posted by trom301 (14 posts) -



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#28 Posted by davegoestomayor (29 posts) -

Hit me up duders. I typically play in the late hours of CST 10 to 1ish.


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#29 Posted by OriginalGman (307 posts) -

Gman The 3rd

Pacific time

On mostly Mon and Tues

Have a mic

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#30 Edited by soulmanim3 (110 posts) -



Mic'd up

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#31 Posted by JBG4 (711 posts) -



I have a mic! Feel free to add me!

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#33 Posted by Magnetic_Puppet (3 posts) -

GT: Magnetic Puppet

Always like to join up

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#34 Edited by Consaw (268 posts) -

GT: consaw


Looking for people to play with. I'm not going to have a ton of time to play during the week, but plenty of time this weekend.

I also have a mic.

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#36 Posted by Threedee76 (4 posts) -

GT: Threedee76


Have mic

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#37 Edited by millsth (5 posts) -

Hey duders , its aboot time I posted on the forums .

GT: SobeWan Kenobi


have mic

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#38 Posted by Faramir82 (89 posts) -



I do have a mic

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#39 Posted by sir_tonk (56 posts) -

sir tonk


Have mic and a dog that barks from time to time

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#40 Posted by Colonel_Pockets (1315 posts) -



Always looking to group up

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#41 Edited by uhohlovehascometotown (87 posts) -


I have a mic (and a lot of patience/time)

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#42 Posted by scrappypixels (209 posts) -

GT: Scrappypixels

Always on this after work this week, playing on GMT time.

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#43 Posted by VoshiNova (2410 posts) -

Central Time. UTC

GT: VoshiNova

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#44 Edited by mankvill (103 posts) -

GT: Vippo

Central time. I try to play when I can, but it's usually later in the day/at night. Have mic. Just hit level 14 - interested in doing side missions/activities, main missions and low-level DZ stuff.

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#45 Posted by damswedon (3246 posts) -

GT damswedon

Just hit level 15, have a Mic, currently bumbling about like a headless chicken.

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#46 Edited by zolloz89 (287 posts) -

GT zolloz89


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#47 Posted by zymase (181 posts) -

I'm down!

GT: zymase

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#48 Posted by HandsomeHubby (17 posts) -

In, I need a Dark Zone posse.

GT: HandsomeHubby
with mic EST - lvl 26 now?

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#49 Posted by onetwentyse7en (18 posts) -

Need some people for the eventual end game loot grind and DZ runs. I'm in my early 20's now.

GT: sideburnsy89

CST, usually play in the early morning or afternoon.

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#50 Posted by dutch42 (540 posts) -

GT is CJ Chinaski

I'm GMT and have a mic, well up for grouping up and getting some shit done.

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