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Welcome to the Next Generation 0

Originally scheduled for the launch of 360, Ghost Recon proves to be worth the wait by presenting truly next-gen gameplay along with astounding graphics.  GRAW, as it seems to have deemed itself, takes place in 2017 in Mexico City.  The President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada are visiting the Mexican President for a summit.  You are Scott Mitchell, a captain in the elite squad of Ghosts.  When a major portion of the Mexican army turns against their President and atta...

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GRAW is Very Solid, But Not Perfect 0

IntroductionTom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is a third person tactical shooter with some squad elements mixed in and overall, is a beautiful game that, most of the time, is fun to play.GameplayThe gameplay in GRAW is solid. The controller rumbles every time you shoot a bullet, are close to an explosion, or get hit. The campaign is decent sized at around 10-12 hours. On most of the missions, you will have a squad of three by your side. These three are smart (most of the time). You ca...

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CrossCom-a-riffic 0

Okay, so this is definitely an old game to be looking at, but bear with me. Which game was the most hyped and also (I think) the highest selling of 2009? Need a hint? It was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and although it dates from 2006, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW, for short) deals with a similar brand of warfare, although GRAW takes place in a slightly near-future scenario. Does that it put it ahead of MW2? Probably not, but with all the attention thrown at Infinity Ward’s output, th...

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For 9.99$, it's not a awful deal. 0

A friend and I played the first Ghost Recons, together, all the way through. I have many fond memories of this franchise, beer drinking, and SNIPER ON LEFT SNIPER ON LEFT PINNED DOWN. I got a version of this on the ps2 but it was vastly dumbed down. With the biggest hinderance not having control over your AI teammates, not a team of 3 as done before and only ONE at a time. So it was with much joy that I found this game at gamestop for 9.99$. After playing, I think this is a very friendly price f...

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(Old Review) A classic as unsung as its characters 0

Please note: This is a reposting of a review I had written in 2006.  Its content has not been altered in any way.  Subsequently, it is in no way indicative of my current writing style, observational prowess, or critical standards and opinions.  For all we know, this was the zenith of my game critic career.  Let's get two things out of the way before I start:1.) I was never a fan of any sort of the Ghost Recon series.2.) Now I am.Unlike most of you, I may not be as dedicated nor as wealthy a game...

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Another game in the tom clancy line of games 1

Tom Clancy has been know to be a great author of books that only he could think up.That also works weel for his game develpment. This game tells the story of a 4 man squad of ghost in the year 2013 using the new landwarrior system in mexico during a revolution and a miltary coup.The game is impossibley hard and very tatical. Controlling your squad is a breeze with a very easy to understand command system.Its very slow paced but lots of action every where you turn makes up for it.Sounds are amazi...

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In 2009 - Don't waste your time 0

Thankfully GRAW is a short game. It was so so dull. You play as some high-tech US solider, but quite frankly what with all the sci-fi games out, it’s attempt to be pseudo-real means that the weapons don’t really seem all that high-tech at all. It was a cheap game that I bought second hand from a bargain bin - it’s a couple of years old and really shows it’s age. Seriously don’t bother with this one....

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 0

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is the third game in the Ghost Recon series. Each of the games has improved over the original, and this one is no different. With new gameplay mechanics like the Cross-Com, a much improved cover system, and breathtaking graphics, Advanced Warfighter is a worthy sequel and a true next generation game. The story takes place in modern day Mexico City. In the game you play as a man by the name of Scott Mitchell who is the captain of an elite light infantr...

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A superb launch title that raised the bar for next-gen games. 0

When the initial line-up of games for the 360 was announced, what caught my eye was Ghost Recon. Even over the summer the visuals were stunning, and after playing the two previous incarnations, courtesy of my roommate's game collection, I was hooked on the series. I've always been a fan of squad based, tactical war-games. It started way back with Maxis' RoboSport. A turn based strategy game where you controled a team of robots fitted with assorted weapons. The best strategy always involved quart...

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awesome 0

I came into Gamestop wondering what to get, I came out with what I now know to be one of the best tactical shooters out there, only bested by it's Tom Clancy cousin, Rainbow Six Vegas. The Controls are polished, better than recent games such as Frontlines: Fuel of war and Quake wars. It takes about 30 mins. to an hour to get a good and satisfying knowledge of the controls, but once you do, it's a blast. The Campaign is hard, but not hard enough to make you want to quit. Also, it has a decent st...

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