2010 Ghosts vs. 2011 Ghosts

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  Which one do you prefer the most?

  2010 demo ^^
  2011 demo ^^
2010's visuals were jaw-dropping (literally the best graphics I've seen). It was a true hybrid of third person and first person shooting. The Ghosts' fit the bill for the top echelon spec ops outfitted with nano-tech to turn invisible while offering new gameplay to the tired military shooter genre (shoulder rockets, drones). Felt like watching a movie.

Now the 2011 version is stuck in this weird limbo where it wants to be GRAW3 and Future Soldier with low-life mercenaries posing as Ghosts. The visuals/effects took a nosedive and are just muddy and low resolution, there's no first person mode anymore (only iron sight mode), the augmented reality around the gun and on buildings clutters everything up, the cloaking is worse with exposed skin and gadgets, and awkward running and cover system clipping. It lost its identity and its "wow factor".     
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I liked the 2011 demo but now watching the 2010 one I have to say I'd have been disappointed  too. 
Wonder what happened there?

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From the demo I would have to say the 2010 version. I'll agree that the slick visuals and more "futuristic" aesthetic are all more appealing to me personally. Something obviously went wrong with that vision for the game as its been replaced both in setting and style with this new version. The Giant Bomb crew have said multiple times that they haven't liked Future Soldier in any iteration they have played so I don't necessarily think one is better than the other.

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I think Ryan was referring to pre-2010, where he said they had next to nill textures when they visited the studio and me thinks he forgot the 2010 version on the 6/14/11 Bombcast [1:21:25] (which no journalist got to play). I remember Ryan being amazed at the progress after E3 2010's demo.


Maybe Kinect? That uses up console power to power its tracking, right?
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I still crack up during the 2010 video when the one invisible dude is waving the other invisible dude by. Like, come on.

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@Mentalnova: I think it's more likely they were going for a level of graphical fidelity that couldn't realistically be maintained on the current generation of gaming consoles. It might be fine with half a dozen guys sneaking around but when you get a few dozen combatants and explosions going off everywhere then it probably doesn't fair so well. Also, if no one actually got to play the 2010 demo version of Future Soldier then it effectively was just a tech demo.

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I prefer the 2010 kind of cyan-ish setting and look. So, is this game now a Third Person Shooter? Or what?

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They just needed to do a team glow for teammates in cloak like Crysis 2 does in its multiplayer. Cross-com highlights teammates in cloak.
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Vs. the 2001 Ghosts. 

The 2001 Ghosts win.
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Goddamit if they really did completely scrap the 2010 feel of the game, I am out of Future Soldier.  An interesting feel of Tom Clancy game gone to waste.  Someone correct me if they still kept elements of the 2010 demo as I haven't kept up with the game's progress.

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I was so hyped for Future Soldier when I saw the footage in 2010. Like, that was going to be my game.

Now, man. I don't even know. But I don't like it.

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Was it just me, or were they glowing randomly? Yeah, I played the original Ghost Recon, but I never liked commanding squads. The co-op missions were brutally fun though.
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So, if I understand this right... They completely abandoned the 2010 presentation? They cyan-ish futuristic feel and everything? *Sigh* At least they could update the UI to more orange-ish look now...

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This game gives me the feeling it will be a muddled mess when it finally comes out.

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