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DATES: Pre-Loading begins April 17th / Beta begins April 19th – May 2nd.

PLATFORMS: Xbox 360 and PS3 only.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 12 Total (6 vs 6)

CONTENT: The beta will give you a first glimpse at the amazing multiplayer of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, which will let you experience the future of warfare like never before.

  • Select from 3 classes (Rifleman, Engineer and Scout), and unlock new gear to battle online on two selected maps (Mill & Pipeline).
  • Gain experience and levels, make decisive choices to customize and develop your character.
  • Gather Intel on your enemies’ positions and share it with your teammates.
  • Use the new suppression system to pin your enemies down while your teammates flank them.
  • Two adversarial game modes (Conflict & Saboteur)
  • Stats will not carry over to the final version of the game.


  • CONFLICT Players battle to complete objectives located throughout the map and earn points, the team with the most points at the end of the round wins.
    Game session: 1 round of 15 minutes
  • SABOTEUR (available starting April 26th) A bomb spawns in a central location, both teams compete to retrieve the bomb and be the first to detonate it at the opposing teams base
    Game session: 1 round of 10 minutes


  • RIFLEMAN uses Assault Rilfes and Light Machine Guns. His improved armor can sustain more hits to torso and Light Machine Guns are the only guns that create suppression
  • ENGINEER uses Shotguns and Personal Defense Rifles. His Scope Detector provides a warning when enemies are scoped in and aiming at him.
  • SCOUT uses Sniper Rifles and Submachine Guns. His optical camo activates while motionless, providing near-full concealment, but disengages when shot, suppressed, moving quickly or firing

SPLINTER CELL: CONVICTION OWNERS: You will have automatic access to the beta from your Splinter Cell disc on the 19th - no keys needed. However, you'll be receiving an email from us starting on April 19th with three Xbox beta access keys that you can share with friends to build your squad! Note: Games On Demand version works as well.

XBOX GAMESTOP PREORDERS: You will receive your beta key plus three Xbox buddy keys for you to share with friends to build your squad. Keys will be emailed to you starting on the 19th. Pre-registration keys can be obtained by pre-ordering Ghost Recon: Future Soldier through Gamestop. Pre-registration keys can be entered at (Uplay account required).

PLAYSTATION PLUS MEMBERS: all PlayStation Plus members will have immediate access to the beta on April 19th. The beta will be published on April 17th in the PlayStation Plus section of the Store. If you’ve elected for Automatic Downloads as a subscriber, the beta will also be automatically pushed to your PS3 when it’s released! Otherwise, you can download it when you’re ready and hop in the multiplayer action.

PC GAMERS: While there are no plans for a PC beta as of now, our devs are working hard to build an amazing GR: Future Soldier experience for you on PC. We'll keep you posted if anything changes.

I have pre-registered for the beta, now what should I do?

Beta keys will be sent via email up to one week before the beta begins.

**Emails will be staggered and may not be received on the same day as other users**

Is there any other way to get access to the beta without pre-ordering Ghost Recon: Future Soldier or owning a copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction?

Select Uplay users that have either Xbox Live gamertags, or PS3 PSN IDs linked may be randomly selected for the beta.

I was able to download the beta, but I am unable to play. What should I do?

Users will be able to pre-load the beta as early as April 17th. However you will not be able to play the beta until the official beta release date which is April 19th, 2012.

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Super excited. Glad I still have my copy of Conviction :D

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Oh right. I completely forgot about the beta coming with Conviction. Man, that was a long time ago.

Well, better late than never I guess.

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Someone please put some videos up on youtube to show off this beta. 
I'm not paying for playstation plus for four days of a beta.

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I just came by to say i like your username, if its in reference to the song. If not never mind.

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@S0mewh4tD4m4ged: Thanks for the info dude, is this game releasing in May?

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May 22nd. I have the game preordered at GameStop to get the Signature Edition. You can get a $10 credit if you preorder on Amazon but it doesn't include the signature edition.

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got some beta codes in my e-mail today....  don't have friends so here's 2 of them...  Xbox version 

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what's funny is that I've bought Splinter Cell Conviction and got the Beta invite notice last week or so but can't play because I'm not a XBL Gold member ... lol

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