Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Now Arriving In More Distant Future

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#51 Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n (826 posts) -

I am always very sceptical about games which are delayed this much. As they delay this, the amount of good to great F2P games released increases (I am thinking of Planetside 2 coming out this year), and their chance of finding a substantial audience willing to spend mass amounts of time with the game decreases. Even now so more than ever, seeing as there hasn't been a relevant Ghost Recon game release since the Xbox 360 launch and you end up in a situation where I question this game will ever be more than a repeated video game news website headline.

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#52 Posted by OzGamer (11 posts) -

Tom Clancy is simply loosing the franchise to what seems like laziness...the potential is all but gone?

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