Has the MP dried up already?

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I tried to get into MP on 6/15 and the only game-type that had players available was Conflict. When I tried to get into a game of Seige, Sabatour, etc., I got a message saying that there weren't any players playing those game types, and I was forced host my own. I waited for about 6 minutes, and didn't even manage to get 1 player in the lobby. Finally gave up and started playing BF3.

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What system? Xbox, has been hoppin imo. I really like the MP but there is a pretty harsh learning curve for people who play cod. Siege is probably my favorite if I go solo. but man I suck. K/D people dont understand you get so much more xp completing the objectives. In one game I went 1 for 12 but I was able to complete 4 objectives and led our team to a win and was the xp leader.

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I haven't played this week, but I had no problems last week on PS3. I'll give it a look tonight.

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@tescovee I am playing on the 360.

I tried again last night and had the same problem. I went ahead and joined a Conflict match, but it froze on me so I quit. Ended up playing BF3.

Conflict is a fine mode, but I would like to play some of the others modes, too. Maybe it is the time of day? (10:00 P.M. -12:00 A.M. CST)

I agree. I like the way the MP rewards you more for completing objectives. I have some pretty awful K/D in some matches, but still managed to be the top scorer.

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