Remember the Splinter Cell Conviction tie-in?

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I read on Major Nelson that they're finally honoring the Splinter Cell Conviction beta access that was promised back when that game came out in 2010, and I popped my disc in and downloaded it.

After playing a fair amount, it's pretty cool. It's not dumbed-down as I was fearing from past Ghost Recon games, and feels appropriately unforgiving. The one thing I have a problem with are the menus. Despite LOOKING pretty cool, they're pretty confusing and cumbersome to use, especially when picking a loadout. I'm definitely looking forward to playing some more of this game when it comes out if it's worth a purchase.

So yeah, in case any of you Conviction players forgot(which I wouldn't blame you for), go try out the Beta, it's pretty cool that they are actually honoring the promotion.

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#2 Posted by NTM (9810 posts) -

Damn, I want to play this. I love the majority of Tom Clancy games, and this is one I want to play. It may not be on the top part of my list this year, but it's on there.

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