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Tom Clancy's Politika is a strategy game developed and published by Red Storm Entertainment for the PC and Mac platforms.


Politika is set during 1997, after the death of President Boris Yeltsin. The player can choose one of 8 factions who are vying for control.


The factions include:


The Russian Orthodox Church is a strong political force, but most of their work is behind the scenes. They receive an extra defense die when their representative is in their region.


Represent the old guard, complete with political machine. Their goal is to return to power and their first challenge is a free challenge with one extra die. They may challenge again.


The K.G.B as we know it disappeared with the Soviet Union, but many of the same people are still there. They can steal one card from any player. (Originally were going to be called the F.S.K. but the Game designers chose the K.G.B due to familiarity).


Just like the Italian Mafia, their goals are money and profit, no matter what. They can steal $20,000 from any faction. ($40,000 during inflation).


They want a stronger military force, particularly since the current Russian army is on the brink of collapse. They can move uprisings one extra space, regardless of influence.


They want to return to a strong and unified Soviet Union, and are riding a wave of discontent. They can move anyone anywhere on the board.


The party of Yeltsin. They wish to maintain control and continue the capitalization of Russia. they receive no less than 3 times the base production value. (so $30,000 or $60,000 during inflation.)


The Separatist movement wants to grant ethnic regions within Russia more political control and economic autonomy. They receive double production from Separatist areas.


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