Amazing Target Gameplay footage (Rainbow 6 Patriots)

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If the whole "switching perspectives with people who are within the same range as you" thing persists throughout the game, then it'll be pretty amazing. It definitely brings something new to the industry. You usually play as someone and feel selfish and do anything to complete your goal, but here you essentially have to choose whether to kill who you were just playing as seconds/minutes ago.  This game kind of mixes some heavy rain elements in there as well.  
Edit: FUCK, I'm late to the party. Oh well, we can convert this into a "were you impressed with what you saw/ is something missing" ? thread. 

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I felt pretty uncomfortable while watching that. Don't know if that's a good thing.

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OK, I'm sold on this game.

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I didn't get 'choice' from that trailer, I got 'glorified cutscene'.

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