Loved this game

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#1 Posted by sleeprockss (269 posts) -

I loved this game I wish vegas was more like it but its not and people are still playing rainbow six 3 so hopefully they may make a new game like it again I hope

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#2 Posted by Foxdemon2k (287 posts) -

Indeed, this game was awesome!

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#3 Edited by gold_n_eye (101 posts) -

The online was very hard, but very addictive once you were good at it. Also, it had online coop which was a blast.

I want the next rainbow six to be more tactical just like this game.

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#4 Posted by Mourne (798 posts) -

I bought this game and played it maybe once. Just came out at a rough time.

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#5 Posted by Steve_Ramirez (1453 posts) -

This game was amazing online. So well done, the new one are so bad, I wish they just remade this game with HD graphics.

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#6 Posted by AEKtzis (123 posts) -

The thing i did not like about online play was how in order to kill anyone you had to use your scope, even if they were a foot away.

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#7 Posted by xXTharosXx (75 posts) -

Awesome game I already had it when it came out but bought it again on steam for 10 bucks which included athena sword

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