A New Short Film and a New Roadmap for Year 4

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As the Rainbow Six Invitational entered its final stages, Ubisoft dropped quite a few bombshells regarding the future of the game. First off, they're actually introducing some backstory that was previously only available in a few snippets in each Operator's bio. They released this CGI short film featuring Thatcher, Dokkaebi, and the new "Six" in-universe (probably because they didn't feel like paying Angela Bassett again). Ubi also promised to add more story in the near future, though whether that will take form of short stories, short films, short comics, or all three, I don't know yet.

Also revealed at the Invitational was the news that the Year 4 Roadmap was ready. The first two Operators will be Aussies for Operation Burnt Horizon, combined with a new map set in the Australian Outback. After that will be pairing up additional Operators from USA/Denmark, Peru/Mexico, and Kenya/India. I heard rumors that the new USA Operator will be from the Secret Service, so I expect his abilities will include yelling at civilians to move along and trying not to get caught after stiffing a prostitute on her payment.

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On top of the usual Operator balances which may or may not work, another note from the Roadmap is that the latter 3/4 of the year will be spent reworking already-existing maps that don't see a lot of use in pro play to make them better. Considering the pros only use about 4-6 maps routinely, I don't expect too much backlash, but this being the Internet I'm sure it will happen anyway. Another welcome change is the addition of a "Newcomer" playlist to help acclimate new players to the game by letting them experiment on smaller maps until they get used to the game and their characters. For the veterans, the Ranked Mode will be getting an overhaul with its own in-game hub, and the pick/ban system that only the Pros used will now be a part of this mode.

The most interesting change coming up is a way to combat asshole teamkilling. After the first TK, all further friendly-fire damage will be reflected back at the shooter until the match is over. There's also a possible "forgive" system coming with it, but nothing confirmed yet.

All in all, this is a good time to get back in the game, though personally I'm more interested if they'll be adding more to the story of the R6 Universe or if they'll just leave it up to fanfiction to fill in the blanks and the short film was just a fun way of introducing the new Year 4 DLC.

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So much to be excited about this year!

  • Six Invitational: This was great as always, but I'm not sure I'm really into the unlimited overtime. I love a good back-and-forth endurance match, but it felt like a massive slog as a viewer when there were at least two more maps to play after it. Still, it was definitely the most entertaining of the three to watch. Couldn't believe Empire blew as many clutch moments as they did. They could've won a lot of those rounds with just one more kill.
  • Short Film: I thought this was pretty cool, and I'd love to see more. Siege has always been in a weird spot having characters who seem to have personalities but it's never expressed anywhere. It's almost uncanny in a way seeing the Operators talk and animate like humans. It's neat.
  • Year 4 Roadmap: Looking forward to the new Operators obviously. I'm a big fan of them doing map reworks over new maps. The older maps were designed many years ago at this point and a number of them just don't play well anymore. I don't imagine anyone who has played on Kanal or Theme Park recently would be upset about this.
  • Newcomer Playlist: An interesting addition. I'm not sure these types of playlists actually work that well considering how easy it is for veteran players on smurf accounts to use them as slaughterhouses. We'll have to see how it goes.
  • Ranked Hub and Pick & Ban: Great news! The Ranked Hub looks great and I love the Pick & Ban system in the S.I. playlist they've been running. Cav gets banned in practically every round on PS4 which I'm way into.
  • Reverse Friendly Fire: Oh thank god. Hopefully this solves the issue. I don't imagine this will affect innocent people much, because I almost never see someone get more than 1 accidental teamkill in a match. I think this will be a great change for the game.

Also worth bringing up the big Ash change that's coming, with the ACOG being removed from her R4-C. What's interesting is that I only ever use her G36C w/ ACOG, and it's really good! I think once players try using it they'll make the switch pretty easily.

Oh, and that Hibana Elite set is ace. Getting that day one.

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