How do I order squad members to breach?

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I bought this game cheap on Steam the other day, and have just been trying the SP game. I am probably missing something obvious, but how do I get my squad members to open doors and engage the enemy? I tag the enemys using the snake cam, I position the squad by the door I want them to enter by, then I go in via another door, but my team do nothing - what key do I need to press to get them to do something? I am playing on the PC version.

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There's a link to the manual. 
In order for them to breach you need to have them in "Assault" mode first, then tell them to stack up on the door. Once they are stacked you should see an exploding door picture on your "Left" button for your team, on the bottom left side of the screen. 
Going by default settings you just press v to have them execute the "Left" command, they should breach and clear. 
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@Morien:  Thanks very much, very helpful :-)

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