Micheal Ironside is not going to voice Fisher in Splinter cell.

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He is however doing the narration, which will most likely explain the reason he's not returning as the character named "Fisher". Also, this is a spy/conspiracy tale so I wouldn't worry to much about Ironside not returning and there being a big "twist" during the playthrough. Ubisoft isn't stupid and I highly doubt they are just going to pretend that Fisher turned into a 20 year old.

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If what you say is true, then I have to say I'm happy that he's still involved to some extent.

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thats too bad...Micheal Ironside was like listening to sweet girtty butter flowing down mountains of manly cliffs of gritty butter.

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I'm glad. I was never a fan of Ironside's voice. Or Ironsides' voice?

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