Ghost Recon Invite?

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Just have a question for you guys who bought the game or will.  Are you planning on getting into the Beta for Ghost Recon Predator or do you not care about other series in the Tom Clancy's collection?
Also, I was thinking about getting the game for my friend for his birthday because he is a super hardcore Ghost Recon fan, and know he wants to get in on the beta and getting the game seems to be the only way.  Is there a special key on a card that comes with the game or is just the disc?  Any indication in there?

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 I ask about the beta because supposedly it will only be available in copies of the game for a limited time and dont want to miss it.  But there is no indication on news sites or anything how the beta is accessed besides needing the disc.  I wonder if it is like Crackdown was with Halo 3. Also, this better not fucking be a gamestop exclusive.

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There's a card in the box that has the instructions. You just sign up at Ubisoft's website with the code in the box and they let you know when it's ready. Pretty straightforward. And, yeah, you'll just access it via the disc. Not a Gamestop exclusive.

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You have to enter your email  when you register with Uplay (Ubisoft).  They will email you when they have info on the beta, then, when you put the SP:C  disc in, it will have an option for beta.

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