I thought buying this game for $10 was a steal until...

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I noticed that the CD-Key didn't work because someone had already used it before I bought it. Fuck, I shouldn't have bought it! Anyone know of somewhere I can buy or get a CD-Key? I've checked on the Ubi site and all I see is the game in general that sales for $29.99. And I'm not going to buy the damn game again. I already have it on 360, and I just want to play it on PC. GAHHH! This happened to my brother the other day when he bought Madden 11. I'm getting pissed that creators do this with their games. I don't usually buy used games, but this was a good purchase.
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Don't buy PC games that look like they have been opened and don't buy used PC games.

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Was it brand new? maybe you can call Ubisoft and see if they will give you another CD key. I had to call EA when my new Spores game's key didn't work and was already in use. They just emailed me a another key.

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How did you get a new Spores with a used CD-Key?
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Well it was a steal..... 

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where did you buy the game?  
If you bought it at a store, return it, they basically sold you something that is broken.

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I bought mine from Amazon a while back for €14.99 including tax

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@NTM said:
" @RavenX302: How did you get a new Spores with a used CD-Key? "
Manufacturing mistake.
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Use a universal CD-key?? Seems to be the only option you have now. 
 Edit: unless you want to buy the game again.

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