Is Splinter Cell Conviction a concept and approach to stay?

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"Is Splinter Cell Conviction a concept and approach to stay or just like a cold, something to get over?"
I personally, is still in doubt since I first of all haven't played the finished version of the game except for the easy peasy demo. But I also believe that perhaps they should really consider where they are taking the franchise in terms of it just becoming a failed attempt to conquer a market that only cares about things being the new IN, HOT & quantity, and not being quality? Even though I have the impression that Conviction is a quality game, what will happen to the franchise later on, not to mention their attempts to make it a Spielberg movie?? 
I'm confused.... :-S  

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The game companies have to look at their games and say "OK. IF we have an area to improve, can we locate it specifically and make it better?" For Splinter Cell Conviction they tweaked that barrier of entry part: streamline the controls and don't force your players to reload because they botched a button press.

Who knows? They might do something really exciting for the people that stuck through each game next time if this one sells well. But the very first thing should be to let everyone enjoy the game without getting frustrated.

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