Why Change Multiplayer?

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I am pretty disappointed they changed the multiplayer game of Spies vs. Mercs. That mode was a lot of fun and one of the main selling points for me after the SP was finished.
Does anyone know why they may have gotten rid of this mode?

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#2 Posted by Shane394 (138 posts) -

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory has the best multiplayer ever. I'm really sad it didn't make it to Conviction, and while I understand the reasons they gave for not bringing over that multiplayer, I would have accepted the exact same mode with new maps and gadgets and such. Sad face for the lack of no Spies Vs Mercs.

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#3 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

Probably because the team wanted to make a new game with new multiplayer, and not use something they've already done before.

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#4 Posted by Mesklinite (889 posts) -

The reason it was changed is because to make use of the new features, mark and execute and the LKP. This is why coop was a more natural extension of the game.
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#5 Posted by project343 (2895 posts) -

Co-op has always been the highlight of the online Splinter Cell experience. With a drastic overhaul of features, dodging the multiplayer this time around is incredibly rational. I think people expect too much from developers. 
I mean, Ubisoft entirely reformatted one of their biggest franchises. Hell, they redid the entire approach to stealth. And what's the end product? A fantastic singleplayer experience with many varied locations, tons of variety, incredibly cinematic presentations, and a very robust and replayable co-op. 
Want to get into DLC? You're getting free weekly content. And there's talk of a potential DLC multiplayer mode (spies vs. mercs) coming--if they come up with something decent.

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