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Jason Bourne meets Jack Bauer

If you're a fan of Splinter Cell Video Games of old this new iteration may seem a bit different and if you prefer the methodical stealth in previous entries, Conviction may be a bit jarring at first. But rest assured it's all for the best. 
First things first, Sam is no longer with Third Echelon. He's on his own and out for revenge. Fisher gets his intelligence and tech from an old friend of his from the Gulf War. Without spoiling anything, Sam will travel all over America and across the sea. From the sandy streets of a war ravaged Iraq, to the bright lights of a carnival, all to get even with the people who took his daughters life. Alliances will be made and broken, twists will be taken, and people will die.
As far as the game play goes, there is a change of pace as I mentioned before. I'm not saying the whole creeping around in the shadows aspect is gone, quite the contrary. The mechanic is simply streamlined so you can now move like an unstoppable killing machine, picking off  one unsuspecting target with lethal precision while fluidly moving on to your next kill. This is accomplished with a wide variety of gadgets and weaponry at your disposal. Each creating unique and interesting ways to kill the target. The only problem is most of your arsenal, if not all of it is largely unnecessary. The game can easily be completed using only the starting pistol. So while it's great the developers allowed the player to have options on how to tackle each situation, you'll find yourself using the pistol the entire time. 
Mutiplayer is a breath of fresh of air from the Modern Warfare 2 and Halo style of gameplay that seems to be the norm these days. The game modes are similar to what was offered with the Rainbow Six Series. There's a hunt, adversarial, and a few others.
The game clocks in at roughly 8-10 hours which is an appropriate amount for this type of game. By the end you'll find that you got your fill of killing the bad guys, sneaking in the shadows, and seeing plots tied off. If you're looking for something a little different than the market offers currently, Sam is back and hes better than ever.

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