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This game is great

I am a long standing Splinter Cell fan.  I love the idea of being a "bad ass" that has tons of gadgets to play with.  Sam Fisher always has an arsenal of fun gadgets and weapons that help you quietly go around killing people.  Conviction is similar to this style but with a small twist. 
In past Splinter Cell games you had to worry about hiding bodies and staying quiet.  Conviction takes this to a different game play type and allows you to kill almost anyone and not worry about who finds out.  Although this is a lot of fun, it still takes away from the sneaky Sam Fisher i have grown to love.  The strange part of this is, even though the game play is different, it almost makes you feel like more of a bad ass.  Instead of having gear that keeps you hidden Sam is in street clothes and wreaking havoc on anyone that gets in his way. 
The story is actually one of the best qualities of the game.  This is not to take away from the rest of the game such as graphics or sound, because those are also great.  But the story is very compelling and seems to really keep you interested.  I for one am not one to care for the stories of games.  Not that i don't like stories, i just don't follow them much, but this games story actually sucked me in. 
If you like the Splinter Cell series this is a must play.  Just don't expect the same Sam Fisher from the past games as this one takes a different approach.  Even though there is no night vision, the game still have cool gadgets and a great story to go along.

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