Division 2 will have clans

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#1 Edited by EvilGreenDevil (220 posts) -

I'm down for being part of a GB group is someone makes one (I'm on PC). I had over 300 hours in D1.

Uplay ID "GR33ND3V1L"

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#2 Posted by deckard (365 posts) -

I’m down for that - UPlay username is “Roadhou5e “

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#3 Posted by Lowe451 (14 posts) -

On PC Uplay ID: Lowe_tep

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#4 Posted by bluebearsw (12 posts) -

Same here. PC Uplay - bluebearsw

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#5 Edited by adamxkuhn (39 posts) -

Same. I'm houseinfinite.

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#6 Posted by CptKnots94 (51 posts) -

PC here. East coast. Duck_Mallard on uplay.

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#7 Edited by SomeguyJohnson (184 posts) -

PC Uplay SomeguyJohnson here.

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#8 Edited by Stonyman65 (3812 posts) -

Uplay: RickG02

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#9 Posted by Kersplatz (1 posts) -

PC, East Coast, Uplay: WeaselWhomper

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#10 Posted by Terrorhawk (7 posts) -

PC Uplay: TerrorhawkBvS

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#11 Posted by southbound (28 posts) -

PC Uplay: southbounder

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#12 Posted by shatteringlast (454 posts) -

Oh shit clan support? Do they have an info page about it?

PC Uplay: Cluter83

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#13 Posted by JerKnuts (30 posts) -

Wasn't around to play the first but am excited to get in on the second.

PC Uplay: JerKnuts

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#14 Posted by DrCapsaicin (2 posts) -

PC Uplay ID: DrCapsaicin

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#15 Posted by Toxe (4 posts) -

How big can a clan be? And is anyone going to make an official GB clan?

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#16 Posted by bluebearsw (12 posts) -

Clans can be 50 members. But don’t know if clan leader can pass leadership. In case they decide to stop playing.

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#17 Posted by stanleytree (17 posts) -

PC for me too! RighteousApe

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#18 Edited by CrazyBagMan (1672 posts) -

UPlay: TheDocktor

please let me know if that doesn't work

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#19 Posted by simko5 (12 posts) -

Hey there. I didn't see one in the clan browser, so I went ahead and created one. Just search for "Giant Bomb" on North America (doesn't matter which region you're on). Its open to join for everyone.

If any more well known duder or crew member already had plans to make a clan, I'm happy to delete it to hand over the Name :)

My name in the game is "ProbiusMain"

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#20 Posted by borklund (321 posts) -

PC Uplay: Borklund

Switching from PS4 to PC for the sequel, feel free to add me if you want to group up some time.

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#21 Posted by bluebearsw (12 posts) -

That was fast, Giant Bomb clan has already been filled. I made a giant bomb east one. So same as simko5. If anyone wants the name or clan just let me know. I’m on the east coast if that matters. Hopefully they’ll expand the clan sizes and we can all join one.

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#22 Posted by simko5 (12 posts) -

@bluebearsw: haha yeah after Jeff mentioned that the game has a clan feature on the bombcast, we suddenly got 30+ new members and hit the cap. So it's full now sadly. There are some other overflow clans on the GB Div 2 discord server if anyone wants to find a good overview. Think the first overflow clan is just called Giant Bomb 2, and there is also a EU clan now.

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#23 Posted by bluebearsw (12 posts) -

@simko5: That’s awesome. Luckily there’s a lot of clan options so that when people stop playing we can consolidate. If any others wanna join up on a gb clan, we still have spots.

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#24 Posted by Encynerate (33 posts) -

I'll be picking it up tomorrow for PC, feel free to add me!

The UPlay ID is: LPigeons

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#25 Posted by Azraeill (70 posts) -

Ive been playing on PC, ill look up clans when i get home!

Uplayid: Azraeill

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#26 Posted by RCAirman (9 posts) -

PCUplay: RCWagner

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#27 Posted by Neotechno (4 posts) -

I sent a request to Giant Bomb 2, UplayID: Neotechn0

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#28 Posted by Greywolf_Lexx (30 posts) -

Picked up the standard edition, will start playing as soon as it is available at 10 PST.

Feel free to add me

Uplay: greywolf_lexx

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#29 Posted by EvilGreenDevil (220 posts) -

Well crapper...I forgot I made this post and now the main one is full. Also explains why I got so many random Uplay friend requests. Sorry to all who I ignored

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#30 Posted by swim_trunks (50 posts) -

anyone know of a ps4 clan? sn: floorbored

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#31 Posted by EvilGreenDevil (220 posts) -

Who's running GB East? invite request list is full. Would really appreciate an invite...see my first post.

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#32 Edited by Sp11ke27 (4 posts) -

Giantbomb South Clan new clan made for PC both for PVP and PVE. Relaxed open to anyone if you want to join. Also I'm on Uplay

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#33 Posted by doctorxdoom (7 posts) -

So I just made a clan it’s called Dragonball Z on PS4 it’s open invite if anyone is interested. If you can’t find it add me xAfr0x-Samurai & I’ll send you an invite. :)

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#34 Edited by bluebearsw (12 posts) -

@evilgreendevil: I am. Send a request and I’ll approve it tomorrow. Sorry about that. I’ll add you as a friend, remind me when you see me on. I’ll also send you an invite tomorrow.

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#35 Posted by Yesiamaduck (2562 posts) -

There is a west clan now on xbone, these are filling up quick. Game must be doing well

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#36 Posted by EvilGreenDevil (220 posts) -

@bluebearsw: Got it Thanks! I think separating by region is a smart idea given the 50 member limit

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