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I just got my invite for the private beta from February 7-10th. I thought I'd make a forum for discussion and for sharing of access keys for those who have them or want them. I did not play the first, but I'm mildly excited for this one. Anyone else going to try it out?

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I am in a similar boat. I received access to the beta in my email around the same time. I also had 3 invites available to give to people on my friends list which I used on some buddies of mine that didn't sign up. Seems like each of us that got the invites straight from Ubisoft got 3 "friend invites". I haven't seen anything along the lines of actual keys giving you access.

All I did was check here on the Division 2 Beta sign up page while logged in to my Ubisoft account and scrolled down to "Friend Invitations".

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I'm pre-loading right now.

I came to the first game very late, after they had ironed out a lot of the problems, and I had a great time with it. I'm hoping that they've managed to pick up where that game left off, and The Division 2 will be a much better experience at launch.

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@myketuna: Yeah, I guess this might be a good time to fill out the uplay friends list. Unfortunately, I might unavailable to try this beta out due to my schedule, but I can always give out my access to friends. As long as the squad is open to matchmaking or private groups I guess.

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My friend said he sent me an invite to it, but I don't see it in my email or on Xbox Live. I liked the first game, but I haven't been paying much attention to this one since I'm way more hyped for Anthem. I'm hoping it plays more like a shooter and less bullet sponge.

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My friend said he sent me an invite to it, but I don't see it in my email or on Xbox Live. I liked the first game, but I haven't been paying much attention to this one since I'm way more hyped for Anthem. I'm hoping it plays more like a shooter and less bullet sponge.

You need to go to that site I linked and login to the Ubisoft account within 48 hours. It's laid out in like the fine print of sorts on the Division 2 Beta page. Screenshot below. Hope that helps you (and anyone else that's in the same boat)!

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@myketuna: Yeah, I figured it out yesterday, thanks though. I played it for a few hours, it largely feels like the same game just in a new setting. It being summer and in DC are welcome changes. I like the old health system better. Having to hit LB or RB twice for powers - once to aim the power, second to actually activate it - feels a little weird. It might be a demo thing, but the airburst seeker mine doesn't look nearly as cool as it did in the first game. It largely felt like more of the same, which isn't a bad thing. It actually has cutscenes now and the dialogue wasn't bad. Being a mute main character still feels lame to me in video games (besides Gordon Freeman).

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@deathstriker: Yeah I feel the same. The shooting feels good, the new setting looks better than I expected. It seems a bit tougher than the first one? I'm getting smoked pretty easily at Control Points by same-level enemies. I'm definitely going to play through it, although I probably won't spend 100+ hours on it like I did with Division 1. And after Borderlands 1 and 2, Division 1, Destiny 2, Anthem in a week, and Division 2 in a month, I personally am going to take a break from loot shooters.

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I'll echo earlier comments on the health system. Replacing armor seems more difficult than popping a health kit, however the "fixer" drone is pretty handy when playing solo as it just hovers near you and tries to replenish your armor as you go about fighting.

I like the new setting, but I'm not sure I like it as much as I did New York in winter. Something about the density of the city and the oppressiveness of the snow and cold hammered home the atmosphere for me.

I really like the new "rifle" class of long guns. I like a happy medium between the high-power but slow marksman rifles and the lower power and less accurate assault rifles. This class of weapon also seems to handle better than the semi-auto marksman rifles in the first game.

I'm still unsure about the changes to weapon attachments. Early on it looks like they all have tradeoffs so you're sometimes better off not putting on an attachment at all. Maybe higher quality attachments will lose the negative traits.

I haven't tried the Dark Zone to see if any of those changes are good. I always really loved the idea of the Dark Zone, but in practice it was pretty frustrating since I didn't play it as a lifestyle game and just got in every once in a while to play for a bit. I was always badly outclassed by other players who enjoyed going rogue.

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Oh, I had no idea anyone made a thread about this. I posted some of my thoughts on it on my thread I made a while back. I'll just copy and paste it here.

I played a few hours of it. I like it so far, but the game can still do with some polish. It's not bug laden in my experience, but I ran into a few. One of them being where I was in cover and standing up, my characters legs were clipping through the floor so it felt as if he was crouching. There were some sound issues too, one being that the automatic fire from a gun was raspy, like crackling in a microphone if you will. Another issue that also pertained to sound was when I was inside a building, and all sounds were muffled aside from the music. That's really all the issues I've had so far.

I think those that hated the bullet spongey-ness of the first might like this more. I'm not saying that they'll love it because they still don't go down realistically, but they do go down faster depending on how much armor they have on them, and where you hit them in the body. Another thing is that now they react to where they get shot, so you can actually shoot enemies in the leg and they'll fall to the ground whereas in the first game they'd simply take the shots and not react, or react little. I'd say that it definitely feels more realistic than it did, and their reaction to gunshots makes for more impactful shooting, but for those that absolutely hate bullet spongey-ness, they probably still won't love it.

Setting wise, I like it, but I don't really feel like getting too far into it. I'm kind of hesitant to even play the beta much because I don't want to repeat the same sections again in the final game, and I just don't want to spoil it for myself. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I am not seeing the impressiveness that HDR brings out compared to what the first game offered, which didn't have it. Plus, I like having the first game relatively dark with neutral lighting on as it felt more realistic; the second game doesn't have that. It's really not a huge issue, but I'd be lying if I said that I couldn't optimize it more to my liking. The music is good again with some of the same tracks from the first (the themes basically), just remixed a little; it's a bit more metal-ish in spots, which isn't an issue, and isn't prevalent mind you.

Not sure about the story, but I think from what I've seen of it, characters are well-acted, and the dialogue is fine. Oh, and you can't really character create in the beta, but... it's the beta. I like the enemy chatter fine too, but I the enemies can repeat themselves, especially when there are two of the same enemy types coming at you. You might hear a woman charging at you say the same thing more than once. I eventually quit and I'm not sure how much more of the beta I'll play because as I mentioned, I don't want to spoil it, and two, the game keeps kicking me out after about fifteen to forty minutes in.

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After playing the beta for about four hours, this is pretty much just more of The Division, but that's enough to pull me into it.

I really like the new rifle category of guns. It's nice to have those mid-range semi-auto guns separated out into their own group. I still think the game could be a bit better about surfacing a simple DPS number though, as it can still be tough to really know if one gun is better than another.

The setting seems nice, but at least from the sections available in the beta, it doesn't feel as distinct from the setting of the first game as I expected. There are a few slightly more open areas, but most of it is still just ramshackle city streets and buildings. The characters and plot are also just as inconsequential as in the first game, and I'm fine with that.

The only change I'm not too sure about is the way weapon attachments are now handled, no longer being randomized loot but being a standard set of unlocks. I don't really care for the trade-offs that most of them present, but it remains to be seen if there are better options in the full game.


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