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#1 Edited by borklund (321 posts) -

Hey folks, just to let you future Division 2 PS4 duders out there know, I set up a community for the original Division and it's still up, it's called Tom Clancy's Duders. Come join and play Division 2 with your GB internet pals.

Also feel free to add me to your friends list, my PSN ID is BorklundSE.

Mod Edit:This thread has been locked and all Division 2 clan recruiting is now being redirected here. Thanks.

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#2 Posted by MightyDuck (2049 posts) -

Glad to see this. I've been debating about picking this up on ps4 when the time comes, but have no friends who will play it.

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#3 Posted by ali_d (161 posts) -

I'm playing the beta on PC but I'm up for adding some duders to play co-op.

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#4 Posted by Fawkes (414 posts) -

Apparently clans are a thing? I'll be playing on PS4, so if there's a GB clan I'd be interested in joining it.

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#5 Edited by Spedstyle (34 posts) -

i am in Australia but i keep weird hours i did most of my D1 time solo but managed to get my gear score upto 280ish by the end of playing it would also just match with randos sometimes for some of the challenges , i would prob join a GB clan for ps4 if its active and big enough

not a fan of this 50 person limit on clans i wonder if you can join mutiple clans i know you can have upto 4 characters per person in the clan, i never bothered doing the work to have mutiple characters in D1 i just kept trying to maximize the 1 character i built

PSN is isaac00084

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#6 Posted by borklund (321 posts) -

I'm going to pick up the game on PC instead, but the community is still there if you want to find recruits for a PS4 clan.

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#7 Posted by swim_trunks (50 posts) -

add me / east coast duders: pan : floorbored

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#8 Posted by swim_trunks (50 posts) -

is there a giantbomb discord i can join?

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#9 Posted by Killerfridge (329 posts) -

Feel free to add me, nobody I know has this game. PSN: Chandlebrap

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#10 Posted by Birdle (2 posts) -

would love to join a GB clan PSN: Birdleturtle

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#11 Posted by Delusionoodle (4 posts) -

The Giant Bomb clan is full already so I made a second home: Giant Beast.

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#12 Posted by swim_trunks (50 posts) -

i still have to unlock clans. i’ve just been doing side content.

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#13 Posted by Spedstyle (34 posts) -

If someone could invite to clan would be helpful the search function and friends clans seems bugged for me shows friends clans for a second then disappears cant search for any clans either, psn is isaac00084

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