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    Tom Reed

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    Irving Lambert's successor as the new head of Third Echelon.

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    Director Tom Reed became the new head of Third Echelon after Irving Lambert's death.  He was personally brought up through Third Echelon by Lambert himself.  Little did Lambert know,  Reed was in fact the mole he was doing his best to protect Sam from.
     Reed Serves as the main antagonist of Splinter Cell: Conviction.  During the game it is revealed that he was personally orchestrating a faux terrorist attack with the hope of removing the current President, all because she was going to remove Third Echelons funding.  With her out of the way, the Vice President would take over, and with him being in Reed's back pocket it would ensure Third Echelon's future.

     Fisher at Reed's mercy in the Oval  Office.
     Fisher at Reed's mercy in the Oval Office.

    Reed was proven to be an effective leader of Third Echelon, particularly due to the fact he was ruthless, efficient and relentless.  He was willing to go to the extremes his predecessor wasn't willing to, and because of which, would eventually meet his demise at the hands of Sam Fisher and  Anna Grimsdóttír. 

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