Anyone still waiting for their AMD Never Settle keys?

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#1 Posted by captainduncan (33 posts) -

A bunch of people have already gotten their promotional keys and are preloading on Steam but I'm yet to have it pop up in my inbox. Anyone else still mashing F5?

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#2 Edited by Funzzo (951 posts) -

Got mine yesterday. Still waiting on the Bioshock Infinite key.

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Looks like they finally sent mine out at 3AM according to the timestamp. I hope they don't cut it as close with Bioshock Infinite, but then again it's free so I have no room to complain.

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Still wating for mine! Man i really hope the key gets here before the game is released.

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#5 Posted by PsyChronic (11 posts) -

Still waiting for mine as well.

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#6 Posted by PsyChronic (11 posts) -

Got mine today, hope you all did as well. What a nightmare this promotion has turned out to be. AMD needs to get their shit together before the release of Bioshock Infinite, otherwise we'll be back here at the end of the month.

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#7 Posted by nerdsbeware (281 posts) -
@funzzo said:

Got mine yesterday. Still waiting on the Bioshock Infinite key.

After countless e-mails to their support and posting on the AMD forums I got my TR code, but they said the BS:I won't come until a couple days before the 26th. Lets hope they just don't fuck these up and we ACTUALLY get the BS keys on time to pre-load the game... The promotion was a mess, but hell I'm running TR at ultimate settings with no stutters so I am happy.

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